90-Minute Session


Special for the month of April

Offer good for first-time clients only, good until the
31st of April 2019

Intuitive Coaching & Healing Meditation

Move past a block or limiting belief, let go of fears & anxieties,
release a phobia, experience soothing & relief, 
get clarity or

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Testimonials for Sharon's 90-Minute Session

When you let go of judgments and fears-
relief comes, clarity follows

"Sharon has an incredible gift! In a short
period of time, 
she extracted enough
information to identify where I was

Sharon's hypnosis sessions gave me the
tools I needed to 
learn how to begin shifting
my thinking, to become more 
empowered, and at peace. After our initial
I felt incredibly "free". I had an
intense wave of joyful emotion 
as I felt lighter, stress-free, yet more in
If you 
want to get to the next level
in your professional and/or 
personal life,
I highly recommend working with Sharon.

She was so respectful of my boundaries
and feelings 
and was so easy to work

Crystal D. Smith

When we address our fears and give hope,
we find our joy again

"I've accomplished more in this session in
getting relief for my depression, 
then I did with
months of therapy."

Marie McLaughlin


As we release the worries, anxieties and
frustrations, our inner- brilliance and
genius can shine

"Our ... session, immediately, took me to a
place of comfort and "knowing".

My worry, anxiety and even frustration over
my block(s) around my issue were 
cradled and, literally, rocked to sleep with 
the sound and vibration of Sharon's

In the days, weeks and months to come, I
continued to replay the recording ... over
and over again, still feeling the wonderful,

magical, effects.  
Sharon's voice is soothing, her words are

She took me, within, to a deeply meaningful,
forgiving and loving place Sharon guided
to areas of my being that both needed
to hear 
and feel the gift of her transformative

Thank you, Sharon! 

Gratefully, Heidi"

Heidi Smith


Change Your Perspective
Experience Life

"I adopted my daughter when
she was 5 years old. She
had experienced a great
deal of neglect and abuse
and now six years later our
family was still living every
day in triage trying to navigate
her rage and sadness. I
felt like my daughter was
holding our family hostage
with her constant demands
and daily screaming and
yelling and tantrums...

...I felt exhausted, lonely
and angry. I was
struggling not to get
lost in the vortex of my
deeply disturbed child.
I hated the feeling of being
angry, short-fused and
caught up in my
daughter’s cycles.

Talking to Sharon was
different from the start ...

Sharon was supportive
and kind but most
importantly direct...

I loved that she doesn’t
let you dwell in a place
that is not healthy or
Phrases she said ...
 “There is no question
in my mind that you
can handle this
and you can experience
this in a new way.”

She created a
customized meditation
for me that really spoke
to how I see the world...

 She helped me see that
I could be present but
not hurt by her words
or behaviors. That I
could be engaged, but
I did not have to be
swayed or damaged
by whatever anyone
else threw my way...

 ...  I felt I had a kind of
bubble around me. I
was still fully present
but I didn’t feel triggered
when things didn’t go
my way. I was able to
see that my daughter’s
actions were about
her pain and that if I
could see her for who
she was, not whatever
mean words she was
throwing at me,
I could
do a better job of
helping her. 

Working with Sharon is
transformative in ways I
cannot quite articulate-
I just know that I feel
better and stronger and
kinder and I am grateful
for the help."

Molly Connolly
Thorsen Consulting