Since 2005 Sharon has guided over a
thousand clients into deep relaxed higher
states, conducive for letting go of heavy
emotions and sabotaging beliefs, soaking
up positive suggestions, and connecting
with higher truths, where changes can
happen quickly.

By releasing old thinking, painful baggage
and limiting beliefs she has let go of social
anxiety, depression, 
binge eating, extra
weight, allergies, asthma, migraine
headaches, back pain, and obsessive
worry and judgment, among other


In the release came way more fun, energy,
creativity and inspiration, to follow her


It led Sharon to learn to play the guitar,
write and perform her children's stories,
take up yoga, become a fire performer,
and create a successful business she is
passionate about, Svenson Hypnosis.

"Following my joy is my biggest priority.
When we release fears, limitations, and
made-up rules and follow our wisdom
within, life makes sense and it becomes
more playful & fun.

I believe in infinite possiblites and the
brillance and genius within each of us. I
never could have imagined, being a fire
dancer, when by nature I'm cautious and
introverted, but now the fun wins out.

We can continue to learn,change, and be
who we want to be.

As I continue to let go of the inner-critics a
bigger, happier, engaging life unfolds and
I want that for everyone"


Sharon specializes in helping others find
their joy, be their true authentic selves, and
live the life they really want.

With her proven system clients have
claimed freedom or relief from insomnia,
health issues,depressions, anxieties, fears,
bad habits, addictions, poverty mentality,
scarcity beliefs, and much more.

Client's focus instead on what they want,
and move forward with inspired actions.
They write the book they always wanted
to, see their business take off, do more
activities they truly love, find exercise they
love, enjoy learning new things, create
healthier relationships, lose weight they
have been struggling to let go of, and so
much more. The possibilities are infinite.

Feel more alive, release bad habits,
enjoy life, have way more fun


"...I continue to feel a positive shifting
at my core...  
a release from self-
: as a consequence ...[I am]
... eating junk food, mindlessly
watching TV,...  procrastinating on
projects, ... putting things off that were
hanging over me.

I am doing things instead that feel good
... taking a sculpture class that I am totally
loving, exploring my city, going on joyful
with my son, taking a mini-
vacation with my husband...

I have more energy now doing what
really feels good.

I am experiencing more and more
joy in my life..."

Lynda Modaff


Create the life you crave, and were meant


I wanted to quit smoking and have better
in my life with my children,
family, and friends.

I was becoming violently ill with foods,
foods I loved to enjoy.

This journey with Sharon has been
unlimited with 

I stopped smoking and don’t have to be
emotionally attached to cigarettes...

I enjoy all foods and am able to absorb
all the benefits of eating again.

I am healthy and absorb the nutrients
from foods 
that before I couldn’t. I am
full of energy
and my body is reacting
with wellness ...

I have the best relationships with
family and friends.

My children are reaping with benefits
as well; truth rings with the saying
“ happy mom happy life.”

Before I felt as if we were surviving
as a family and 
now I see such a

My children are laughing and
succeeding with 
academics and
sports and relationships in their


I can honestly say I now have a
healthy home and family and I couldn’t
be prouder and appreciative of
our accomplishments.

Thanks to Sharon

I have an abundance of health,
wealth, & happiness 
thru all areas
of my life.

I wouldn’t change anything in my life,
this is the life I have been craving ...

It is an amazing feeling to be so happy
and appreciate life.  And know that it is
the power inside of you to get to that

I encourage everyone who wants
abundance in 
their life to visit
Sharon Svenson and see the


Truly amazing
Thank you, Sharon"


Amy Leslie


Release past baggage, feel your freedom
and power within

 "…We talked to our daughter today
and in the 29.7 years she has been on this
planet, I’ve never heard her more
grounded, more joy-filled, more relaxed,
sensitive and ALIGNED. WOW.

We (She, my husband, and I) think the
hypnosis was transformational. "


Marilyn Rich




University of Wisconsin, Platteville: B.A in International Studies, minor in Psychology, graduated in 1983.

Omni Hypnosis: student of Gerald Kein. An institution which has produced some of the best and most celebrated hypnotists practicing today. Graduated in 2006.

Hypnosis education and certification from Omni Hypnosis:

  • A.I.D.S

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Breast Enhancement

  • Cancer

  • Childbirth

  • Children's Motivation

  • Depression

  • Learning Enhancement

  • Impotence-Non-Organic

  • Pain

  • Phobia Removal

  • Stress

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Ultra-Height

Certification as a Bootcamp
Momentum Coach,
The Coaches Console.

Supported 100's of
coaches, healers, and
with mindset issues
and in building their
businesses under
Kate Steinbacher
and Melinda Cohan

Let go of judgments, focus on what you want, experience massive improvements in your health

"I talked to ‘my friend’ today...
she has been pain-free since
her session-she is just thrilled-
and, so am I! ..."

Carol Smith about Fibromyalgia

… Also had Physical Therapy
this morning and my Physical
Therapist says from last week
to this week my body is 50%
better. Last week it was 20%
better and today 25%.
Yeah! … 
. "

Cortney Neilsen

Stop bad habits, free yourself from judgment,
feel more connected

It’s been ... 4 years since I attended my first session.  I came to see you hoping you could help me stop smoking.  I was one of those people who “loved” to smoke.  I thought it made me feel relaxed and comforted.  Over time, the social stigma made it more and more uncomfortable.

Although skeptical, I had high expectations ...  I wanted to ...  live comfortably with other smokers...

 I asked ... you include a tolerance for smoke in my hypnosis session.  I was certain the session was unsuccessful.  There was no deep trance or blackout time ...  It just felt like the little naps we used to take in kindergarten.   Relaxed and cuddled.

 I couldn’t believe that I had no desire for a smoke ... after the first session.  I sat on the porch enjoying the evening with my guy.  He lit up and I asked for a puff.  That was the last cigarette puff I have ever taken. I am “not a smoker”.  Unlike in past experiences, trying to quit, I never crave a cigarette or dream of one.

I could not help but return to your group sessions to see what else I could gain.  The beautiful tools, like 'imagining good things' ... 'being mindful' ... 'letting your thoughts be ok', and the 'concepts of time ... pure love and eternity', have worked to enhance other positive influences in my life.

The elevation of a feeling of love and appreciation of life coincides so well with my religious practice.  My prayer and religious traditions somehow have a higher level of meaning to me.  Even though I have been practicing and studying my religion all my life.  Meditation is more meaningful and fruitful.

There has been more than one occasion where I was anxious about an outcome.  For instance, a business meeting, where I anticipated trouble.  As part of my preparation for the meeting, I incorporated the tools you have given meMy response to the situation was positive, I was able to listen more carefully, relax and provide a solution.

 Recently, someone I love, called in a panic about their worries.  His closing remarks were, “Talking to you has made me feel at peace, calm and confident in my way forward.”

Way to go Sharon!  You have paid it forward through the lessons you have taught to me.
Joyfully, Kathy”

Kathy Vaughan

My Mastery of Joy Clients 
are saturated with meditations
to support them

"Hi Sharon ... I used it [the sleep meditation] last night and slept for about 6 hours straight–a record for the last few years! Arose about 45 minutes earlier than usual…Again, thanks…"

M. B.


"Sharon's Insomnia recording brought me such peace and comfort during a difficult period in my life. She is such a blessing."



"Sharon’s Insomnia CD has helped me to relax go to sleep and wake in the morning with a happy anticipation for the day. Thank You."

Elizabeth McInally