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An awarding-winning book

Sharon Svenson’s story is one
of the 25 inspirational stories
in a new book

RISE, In Pursuit Of

In Sharon’s story “My depression
led me to joy” she writes about her
journey overcoming severe
depression, panic attacks, and
suicidal thoughts.



In Sharon’s story “My depression
led me to joy” she writes about her
journey overcoming severe
depression, panic attacks, and
suicidal thoughts. As the devoted
mother of two young children,
she turned to the spiritual for
answers to end her pain during a
time of challenges and adversity.
She was surprised to discover the
power to turn things around lay
where she focused her thoughts.
An inspirational read for those who
struggle with fear and anxiety, and
an example of how we can become
the most vital component
in claiming our own happiness.

By releasing negative thought
patterns, Sharon has let go of social
anxiety, depression, binge eating,
extra weight, allergies, asthma,
migraine headaches, and back
problems. With the release came
fun, energy, creativity, and the
inspiration, to follow her dreams. It
led Sharon to learn to play the guitar,
write and perform her children’s
stories, take up yoga, fire dance &
create Svenson Hypnosis.

She has worked with over a 1000
clients. Clients have claimed better
health, freedom from depression,
anxiety, eating issues and addictions.
Instead, they now make dreams
come true. Success stories include
but are not limited to writing books,
creating a successful business,
traveling, enjoying life and learning
new things. The possibilities are



Rise – In Pursuit of empowerment
will guide readers in the following

● Tapping into one’s intuition
and inner strength to overcome
stress, grief, and trauma

● Taking challenges and turning
them into opportunities

● Rising above the noise,

● A woman’s inner strength –
discovering it as a force to be
reckoned with

● Using one’s challenges to live
a more fulfilled and balanced

It is written by and for inspirational
entrepreneurial women whose
hidden creativity and business
acumen emerged despite facing an
array of traumatic experiences,
mindset, and domestic battles, RISE
– In Pursuit of Empowerment, is a
beacon of hope for all women.

Through the incredible stories of
twenty-five women, readers will
learn that while obstacles are a
given, they also have what it takes
to rise above challenges, create a
space and a niche for themselves
while turning impossible experiences
into incredible opportunities that are
profitable and fulfilling at the same

Read Sharon’s story and many
other inspiring stories by investing
in RISE – In Pursuit of




“I am coming up
on my 4 year
of quitting
smoking, and
drinking alcohol.

As I look back, I
can see the changes
in my life since
I first decided
to see what Svenson
Hypnosis had to offer,
smoking cessation
only being the tip of
the iceberg.

One of the most
powerful tools Sharon
gave me in our hypnosis
sessions was the process
of changing my story to
change my life.

When I would tell
the story of my
life,  it was from a
victim’s perspective
and that is a
negative place
to be.

 She dared me to
change and stuck
with me while I
fought the process.
She dared me to
say, ‘what if?’  The
‘what if’ has turned in
to a Master Degree
and a teaching job
working with
middle school

 I know my positive
expectations and
perspective rubs off
on my students and
continues to
spread Sharon’s
with a few
I use regularly.
Every corner of
my life has been
improved and
keeps getting
better … life is a
journey and we
are never done.” 

Cara Mosedale
Lake Tahoe, CA


"…Life has just been
so good lately, ...
I …get this
feeling of true
ya know, when a dog
does that crazy
happy run thing
they do?...

My husband and
I have never gotten
along so amazingly,
the family time
has been so easy
and happy…

All your words
come back
to me and I realize
how much
they helped me to
become an
even better

I’m just so happy
I could burst
right now.

Love ya ...

Cara Mosedale
Lake Tahoe, CA


"Who is the man who
showed up on my
doorstep ...?

Where is my

There is a very
lighthearted being
in my home
right now. He
had a great
experience today…
we are both
full of joy and

...Thank you
from the bottom
of my heart.


Marilyn Rich
Boise, ID

Lose Weight
Improve Finances
and so much

"Sharon Svenson ...
helped me make
shifts in my
life.  ... Sharon ...
helped make
differences [in]:
finances, weight
especially with my
husband and
loving myself.

In our finances, we
were deeply in
credit card debt.
Sharon helped me
my feelings
of shame, 
and remorse

to hopeful,
optimistic and
  As a result, we
now have a plan
to eliminate

all credit card
debt ...

My weight was
out of control.
  With Sharon’s
direction, I lost
40 pounds in

7 months. Before
losing the weight,
I felt hopeless,
angry and

Truly, Sharon is a
great gift.
I now realize that
I was stuck
in many areas of
my life before
with Sharon. 
I highly, highly
Sharon to help
guide you to
an incredible life.

Have a wonderful
time working
with Sharon!

Kathy Dempsey