Addictions & Bad Habits

A journey of self-love, joy,

3, 6 & 12-months options

For addictions, like Alcoholism, and Food
Issues I only offer my year-long Program.

In this nurturing empowering
you'll go through a
step by step proven 
for delivering results

What can you expect

  • To build up your self-esteem

  • Release Guilt and Shame

  • Reclaim your life and take your
    power back

  • Pull up emotional roots that
    contribute to addictions

  • Release the stress, anxieties, and
    beliefs that weigh you down

  • Blow past willpower, take inspired
    actions, live your life more fully


Testimonials for Mastery of Joy

“ ...

 I was one of those people who “loved”
to smoke. I thought it made me feel
relaxed and comforted.  Over time, the
social stigma made it more and more

I wanted to be able to live comfortably
with other smokers.  I didn’t want the
smokers in my life to feel uncomfortable 
... I did not want to be one of the
stereotypical “ex-smokers”.

... I was certain the session was
unsuccessful. There was no deep trance,
or blackout time or moments of lost time
or “unconsciousness. It just felt like the
little naps we used to take in
kindergarten. Relaxed and cuddled.

I couldn’t believe that I had no desire
for a smoke, even after the first session.
I sat on the porch enjoying the evening
with my guy. He lit up and I asked for a
puff.  That was the last cigarette puff I
have ever taken. I am “not a smoker”.
Unlike in past experiences, trying
to quit, I never crave a cigarette or
dream of one ...

Kathy Vaughan
Garden Valley, ID

Kathy did a 3-month package and
though her success came right away,
in following sessions we worked to
make sure it would stick and not
be transferred to another bad habit.
Lots of old baggage from the past
was cleared up with the
result of other positive changes.

"... As always I hear your voice in my
head! I've quit  smoking and I'm really
paying attention to the wonderful feelings
and sensations I am having that totally
max over the smoking.  Every day I plan
to focus and take mental notes about
how life is just better without it…
Expecting positive things!  Thanks ..."

Cara Mosdale – Cigarette free since 2011
Lake Tahoe, CA

Cara saw me for about two years and
went on to be alcohol-free and experience
other improvements in her life. See her
testimonial to the right.

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Lisa stopped drinking
and started to live

Lisa was drinking all day
long, hiding bottles, sneaking
drinks. Her boyfriend had 
threatened to kick her out.
She lost her job because
she was drunk at work.
And she could no longer
drive because of a DUI ...

She was in a very low place
in her life...

Listen to the miraculous
changes that unfolded for
her during the year and 
a half I worked with her.


Full Audio
Testimonial Series

Cara quit drinking
and smoking

“I am coming up on my
4 year anniversary of
quitting smoking, and
subsequently, drinking

As I look back, I can see
the changes in my life
since I first decided to
see what Svenson
Hypnosis had to offer,
smoking cessation only
being the tip of the

One of the most
powerful tools Sharon
gave me in our hypnosis
sessions was the process
of changing my story to
change my life.  

When I would tell the
story of  my life, it was
from a victim’s
perspective and that
is a negative place to
She dared me to change
and stuck with me
while I fought the

She dared me to say,
‘what if?’

The ‘what if’ has
turned in to a Master
Degree and a teaching
job working with
middle school
I know my positive
expectations and
perspective rubs off
on my students and
continues to spread
Sharon’s message
along with a few
I use regularly.

Every corner of my
life has been improved
and keeps getting better
… life is a journey
and we are never

Cara Mosdale
Lake Tahoe, CA

Cara is now a successful
owner of a popular
restaurant in Lake
Tahoe, CA