Audio Testimonials

Lisa's life was spiraling
out of control

When Lisa came to me, she was
drinking all day long, hiding bottles,
sneaking drinks.

Her boyfriend had threatened to
kick her out unless she stopped

She lost her job because she was
drunk at work.

Lisa got a DUI, no longer could
drive, and was facing possible
jail time and fines.

Others would tell her about
conversations or things she
had done and she had no
memory of those events.

She couldn't trust herself.

She was in a very low place
in her life.

Lisa and I worked together
for a year and half.

At first she was inconsistent,
often canceling sessions,
dragging her feet in
scheduling appointments. 

Listen below for the positive
transformations that unfolded
for Lisa Rappleye of Garden
Valley, ID

Overall view


Her relationship with her self and
others changed dramatically

Mental and Physical Health

Her anger and depression started
to soften, and lift.

Over time her physical health
changed as we worked together.

Her liver tests were coming
back with healthier numbers.

Dreams and Prosperity

She began to have a life again, doing
projects around the house, taking
daily walks, going on vacations to
see family and enjoy the ocean,
and she got her old job back.

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