Video Testimonials


Dreams Achieved


Dreams came true for Courtney and Helen.

Courtney became a fire dancer, scuba diver, skipper, and lawyer's assistance.

Helen took a vacation by herself, something she had been too scared to do on her own and thought she couldn't afford. She started to do hikes on her own. And she was allowing herself to be freer to follow her interests and just be herself.

When we come from a positive perspective and make joy the goal, our lives change:

" It makes you want to do more ...

It opened up my world of possibilities...

It gave me a different perspective ... a beautiful awakening ...

It wasn't ... [about] my to-do list [any longer]... "Helen

Listen to their testimonials and pearls of wisdom they share

Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo


Weight Loss & Life Style Changes


Self-love and positivity led them to eat healthier and exercise in ways that made them happy.

Plus, making the changes and losing the weight felt easy and natural.

Helen lost over 30 pounds.

Courtney met her weight goal and got in better shape. It led her to eventually become an athlete and do Sparta races.

" ... eating junk food ...
just fell by the wayside ...

[It was so nice] ... to have none of the stress or guilt... ...

now I can have one sweet and walk away ... " Helen

Listen to their wisdom and testimonials

Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo


Health Improvements


Taking the path of joy and expecting positive things is healing

Helen had two broken feet and a fractured ankle.

[The doctors] ... couldn't believe [the healing that had happened]

" ... [I was] going for hiking, walks, things I thought I'd never be able to do again..." Helen

Courtney said leading a healthy life feels easy

"... when I'm not worried ... about anything, life is good ...

it makes it easy to want to get out and do things, be active and live the very best life I can..." Courtney

Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo


 Money & Prosperity


Letting Go of Worries and Feeling Good is Prosperity Magic

When Courtney came to me, she was living in poverty, working 3-5 jobs to keep her family afloat.

Now as I write this she has retired at age 40, bought a sailboat, and plans to sail around the world.

"... the more I was open to it ... the more generosity came ...

I was surrounded by generosity and riches and I didn't have to do it myself..."

Helen's husband had just transitioned. She was the sole provider now of her family.

As she released her fears and stresses prosperity flowed 

" ... I was just gifted money ...

[now] things just fall into line ...

got a raise..."

Listen to how their lives became more abundant.

Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo


Relationships Improved with
self and others

Letting go of self-judgment and heavy feelings bring love and harmony into your relationship with yourself and others.

Courtney went from screaming and getting angry at her kids trying to get them to cooperate, to doing things that worked way better and felt good, like using humor, creative ideas, and acting on her inner guidance.

Helen let go of judging herself, like releasing made-up ideas of where she should be in the grieving process.

" the beginning, they [her kids] were carrying me ... I was closing off... now I'm open ... we all came closer together... "
Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo


Mental Health & Joy

"...I was in an angry place and didn't like it... the hypnosis was an odd thing, I couldn't explain it ... woke up better, reacting to things differently [Now I ] hang out pretty much towards joyful and bliss ... I have tools to grow and change ..." Courtney Nimmo " ... I was broken. I was sad and lonely. I was a mess... it was so bad... [I came] out of a session and [would] feel lighter and build on that throughout the week... I call it the Hypno high... I found the light at the end of the tunnel ... it keeps getting better every day..." Helen Chenowith
Helen Beckwith
Courtney Nimmo

Overview of the many joyful

Joanne brought in more prosperity ... 11,000 dollars in one month ... got a lot of clarity,... became debt-free ... health issues mitigated ... " Sharon Svenson " ... I was ... good at judging myself ... I had a limited focus on how things could work out ... I live in the joy [now] ... it has brought me more prosperity ..."
Joanne Sapers

Prosperity & Dreams Achieved

" ... the money flows ... the ideal clients are here ... my relationships have grown deep and healthier ... I look at money differently... it's all just joy ... opened my heart wider and mind to different possibilities..."
Joanne Sapers

Mental & Physical Health Improved

" learned to be ... less judgmental of self ... everything is ... easier [with] more joy, less confusion, relaxation in my mind ... lost weight ... more energy ... I work with my clients [more] deeply ... do more artwork ...I don't take things personally or make assumptions ... "
Joanne Sapers

Parenting & Relationship changes

"... [I was] anxiety-ridden, on edge, couldn't enjoy [my kids] company ... everything changed so drastically... Now it's easy ... [I parent] with joy and it gets returned ... see them happy and themselves ..."
Amy Leslie


Amy was having stomach problems, couldn't eat seeds, nuts, grains and leafy vegetables without getting sick. " I can enjoy [all] the foods... before I came to you I was so limited ... my body can digest and use the foods ... it's incredible when you can eat and not get sick
Amy Leslie

Addiction Released

"It was effortless [to stop smoking] ... [Smoking] was social, a release, [now I have [deeper] connection[s] in a non smoking way ... [I] attract better men, better situations, better jobs ...."
Amy Leslie

Prosperity & Work Improvements

So many things changed for Amy, she has a thriving business, owned her own custom build home and was moving to an even better one ... " Now I'm confident and I know I'm allowed to take my time to make my descions, which was a big leap, and faith in myself ... business is going great ... friendships going strong, I have a boyfrined- he is amazing- family, friends have all been so productive ... [I know] it's OK to be who I am and do what makes [me] happy..."
Amy Leslie



Prosperity & Dreams Achieved

"...[I ] visualized and imagined ... for my business... all of it came true ... it was amazing... I am such a different person sitting here today ... [I had] so many fears, ... I was not choosing joy at all, I was focusing on the negative-what might happen, what if, how would I get out of this ... you made something so fearful to me something simple to address... "
Angele Cristina

Overcame a Phobia and achieved
a dream

"... [cochroach] phobia [for me was] very real ... it was huge and deeply rooted... Sharon is amazing ... [she] unravled it... [I] used to run for my life [when I saw a cochroach. Now I can] stay in the same room, reading a book, I don't mind them that much any more ..."
Angele Cristina


Mindfully Living Life More Fully

Lynda talks about releasing binge eating and letting go of beliefs that brought her suffering or held her back from living the full life she craved to live " ... The biggest thing, I used to have ... extreme downs ... I couldn't trust myself to stay in a good place ... through that habitual practice we've done, week to week, just like eating right or exercise [I've brought that] positivity back into focus ... I used to feel part of empathizing was to feel bad ... It is better to go to joy and it really is more helpful than feeling bad or feeling down... "
Lynda Modaff



Reclaimed A good
night's sleep 

"... I'd been a restless sleeper... wake up in the night... take awhile to fall back asleep ... I ... listened to it maybe 15 minutes and was asleep... a huge improvement, normally it would take hours ... [when I] wake up in the middle of the night I recall words from the meditation and fall back asleep much quicker... really helpful [for me in] falling asleep and staying asleep
Andrea Sullivan