Mastery of Joy Health Packages

A journey of soothing, relief
and positive expectations

3,6,12 month options                    

In this nurturing empowering
program you'll go through a
step by step proven system
for delivering results


A dramatic diagnosis of cancer or
a disease can catapult us into fear.

Or the discouraging or hopeless
feeling of living in chronic pain or
suffering from a progressive or
ongoing condition can be
a constant stress.

Unfortunately, just when we
need it most, during stress our
body's healing abilities shut
down and
 prevent the healing

Negative expectations and
fears, add more stress
. This
can block out possibilities, and
a negative placebo.

During stress the body tightens
up and we actually create more

pain and suffering, the opposite
of what is needed.

From a place of fear or panic,
decisions can be poor or
indecisive. Leading us to wildly
search one option after another
in a frantic way.

What to expect

To relax both your mind and body.

A relaxed mind is a perfect state for the
natural healing powers to turn on.
a relaxed body can allow the healing
process to happen more quickly.


To let go of the fears and anxieties
and replace them with 

This allows you to enjoy the now
moments, and move forward with
decisions from a clear-minded 


Testimonial for Mastery of Joy

After our work together she
was able to have her
pain pump in her body

 "… I cannot adequately
express my gratitude and
blessings, in which meeting
and working with you
has brought to me.

Your spirit and dedication
is remarkable, humble,
and peacefully led. I
am excited for your
mentor-ship and help.
It means more than, again,
I can express. May you
be blessed sevenfold!
I am excited...

Thank you so much."

Jocelyn Manwell 
Boise, Idaho



"... My objective was to help
relieve pain I was
having in my spine.

I started to see results
after my first visit.

As I continued the
results grew stronger
and stronger.

The first thing I noted

I was not thinking
about the pain


These were
the building blocks
I needed to progress
away from an

Being off the
medications is a
leap forward,
having energy is

... I am back to
for the
first time in years

doing what I thought
I would never be
able to do again...

Dan Wilson
Garden Valley, ID


"I talked to ‘my friend’ today.
She said she has been pain-free
since her session-she is just
thrilled-and, so am I! Just
wanted you to know."

Carol Smith
Garden Valley
about Fibromyalgia Client


"… Also had Physical Therapy
this morning and my Physical
Therapist says from last week
to this week my body is 50%
better. Last week it was 20%
better and today 25%. Yeah! …
Thanks for your time. "

Idaho Client


 "… I’m so excited right now, I
just got done working out for
35 minutes at the gym taking
a dance class. The class is
an hour-long but I need to
pace myself. I can’t THANK
YOU enough for changing
my life and creating a better
living environment in my head.
(smile) You truly are a healer!
Thanks again!"

Cortney Neilsen
Boise, Idaho

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