Mastery of Joy Health Improvement and Pain Relief Package


In this nurturing
package you'll
go through a 
proven system 
to get results


A dramatic diagnosis of cancer or
a disease can catapult us into fear.

Or the discouraging or hopeless
feeling of living in chronic pain or
suffering from a progressive or
ongoing condition can be
a constant stress.

Unfortunately, just when we
need it most, during stress our
body's healing abilities shut
down and
 prevent the healing

Negative expectations and
fears, add more stress
. This
can block out possibilities, and
a negative placebo, 
called the nocebo effect.

During stress the body tightens
up and we actually create more

pain and suffering, the opposite
of what is needed.

From a place of fear or panic,
decisions can be poor or
indecisive. Leading us to wildly
search one option after another
in a frantic way.


A relaxed mind creates
a relaxed body and is a
perfect state for the 
natural healing powers
to turn on

As you let go of your fears and
anxieties and replace them
with positive expectations
your body can relax

This allows you to enjoy the
now moments, and move
forward with decisions from
a clear-minded 

It is also an ideal state
for your body's healing
abilities to work along
with the release of 
unnecessary pain



"I was diagnosed with
Ankylosing Spondylitis
about eight years ago and have
 been on many different medications
over the years. I tried diets and
herbs over the years as well as 
acupuncture.  Nothing was giving
me relief except the medication
that left me with stomach problems
and a drugged feeling.

changed my life in a number
of ways. My objective was to help
relieve pain I was having in my
spine. I started to see results after
my first visit.

As I continued the
results grew stronger and stronger.
The first thing I noted I  was not
thinking about the pain so much.
These were the building blocks
I needed to progress away
from an 
‘incurable illness’.

Eventually, I was able
to quit taking most of the drugs
we thought I had to take to control
the disease, as well as quit the

Being off the medications is
a huge 
leap forward,
having energy is


Now I am back to
work for the first time in
doing what I thought
I would never 
be able
to do again ... "

Dan Wilson

" ... The X-ray showed that two of
my spinal discs were actually
missing ... I was told I needed
spinal surgery, spinal fusion
with a bone graft ...

... Coming out of the anesthesia
I was aware of thirst but figured I
would get some water once I went
back to the hospital room itself. 
The nurses seemed to be under a
fair amount of “hurry stress.”  

One of them said to me, “I’m going
as quick as I can to get you some
pain relief.  It will just be a moment.”
I was puzzled.  “What?” “Just one
second, Honey, I’m on it.” “On what?” 
“On your shot, Honey.  I know how
bad it hurts.” “Um, what?” “This surgery,
Honey.” She said, “I’ve seen a lot of
them, and I know what it’s like. 
It’ll just be a second, now.” “I’m fine.” 
That brought a total gaping stare. 
“You’re fine? Fine???”

“Yes, I’m fine.”  Since that seemed
incredible to her, I told her about the
hypnosis.  She seemed shocked and
offered me the narcotics two more
times before leaving, muttering
something about, “I never thought
I’d see it.  Something new for my
career!” ... I was not in pain.  Not
one bit! ..."

Marlene Partridge


"I have wonderful news … I had my
blood tested … It showed my muscle
inflammation was OFF the CHARTS!…
I was then referred to you…
not only am I healthier, I can stand
to be comfortable in my own skin…
here comes the number… I had
my blood tested yesterday to get ...
proof of your healing gift ... [to] show
my doctor that things were dramatically 
improving… my number yesterday was
162 and the normal for muscle elevation

Thank you for EVERYTHING..!… " 

Cortney Neilsen 

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I was becoming violently ill with
foods, foods I loved to enjoy.

[Now] I enjoy all foods ...

I am healthy and absorb the
nutrients from foods 
before I couldn’t.

I am full of energy ...

Thanks to Sharon ...

Truly amazing ... "

Amy Leslie

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Or Phone And Explore
How Hypnosis Can
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Packages can be tailored uniquely for you