Written Praises

"I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis about eight years ago  and have been on many different medications over the years. I tried diets and herbs over the years as well as acupuncture.  Nothing was giving me relief except the medication that left me with stomach problems and a drugged feeling. Hypnosis changed my life in a number of  ways. My objective was to help relieve pain I was having in my spine. I started to see results after my first visit. As I continued the results grew stronger and stronger. The first thing I noted I  was not thinking about the pain so much. These were the building blocks I needed to progress away from an  ‘incurable illness’. Eventually, I was able to quit taking most of  the drugs we thought I had to take to control the disease, as well as  quit the painkillers. Being off the medications is a huge leap forward, having energy is priceless. Now I am back to work for the first time in years doing what I thought I would never be able to do again ... "
Dan Wilson
Garden Valley, Idaho
"I am into my second Three Month Immersion Package and I am so grateful that I have gifted myself this therapy.   I continue to feel a positive shifting at my core and a release from self-judgment: as  a consequence the behaviors I judged myself about are releasing too, like eating junk food, mindlessly  watching TV,  or procrastinating on projects, or putting things off that were hanging over me. I am doing things instead that feel good, like organizing my kitchen cabinets, taking a sculpture class that I am totally loving, exploring my city, going on joyful adventures with my son, taking a mini- vacation with my husband... I have more energy now doing what really feels good. I am experiencing more and more joy in my life. Relationships feel even better. More often, I don’t give my  power away to others, but feel free to follow my inner guidance and do what feels right to me. And more often, I feel more loved and beautiful, regardless of others opinions... "
Lynda Modaff
"I ... came to Sharon to be less controlling and free myself of expecting the worst... Leaving behind fears and worries ... changed everything... Family relationships are better. Instead of feeling guilty, fearful or critical, I ... support and love them ... with results of ... more peace... and ... healthier boundaries. ... I didn’t socialize...I felt socially awkward... now I am friendly and spontaneous, have more friends, and feel more comfortable and free to do what makes me feel good. I used to have an uncomfortable relationship with my body and food... now I ... do more ... walks ... working out at the gym ... eating in balance ... ... when family or anyone has strong opinions I don’t agree with, I can listen to them without it affecting my life negatively. It is so freeing. ... when life happens ... accidents ... unexpected events ... instead of ... throwing me into panic or ... suffering, I can be peaceful ... by imagining good things ... [I] know when to step back, or move forward with positive actions ... "
Donna Sevilla
Garden Valley, ID

  "… We talked to our daughter today and in the 29.7 years she has been on this planet, I’ve never heard her more grounded, more joy-filled, more relaxed, sensitive and ALIGNED. WOW.  We (She, my husband, and I) think the hypnosis was transformational. "
Marilyn Rich
 "One of the most amazing gifts I have created in my life is you, Sharon!! Thank you for the life-changing words you have given me. I don’t even want to consider what my life would be  like right now had I not found you!! You’ve made me see clear and that has helped me make better decisions. I am so happy for all that I have… I am happy where I am… I love you!!"
Cara Mosdale
Lake Tahoe, CA
"... Wow, I need to thank you for EVERYTHING..! This week has been the BEST week ever ... I haven’t cried or given much thought to my ex. …Life has put a smile on my face and I am so grateful for EVERYTHING... Thank You” for helping my life move forward. I can’t help but brag about you all the time. THANK YOU..!!!!! … "
Cortney Neilsen
Boise, ID
" Wow!!! The 3-month ... Package has been phenomenal for me... I have had many issues ... Sharon helped me ... with; quitting smoking, losing weight, living in the "now" and not in the past or future. I am ... cooking and baking again which I hadn't done in two years; My relationships with family members ... improved ...  It is good to be alive again and wake up with a smile on my face! "Sharon ... has been so supportive ... Sharon's teachings and meditations are amazing, kind, thoughtful and loving ...  I gave myself permission to heal my ... past, and now I am at peace with myself! "Life is good!"
Marie McLaughlin
"I have wonderful news … I had my blood tested … It showed my muscle inflammation was OFF the CHARTS!… I was then referred to you… not only am I healthier, I can stand to be comfortable in my own skin… here comes the number… I had my blood tested yesterday to get ... proof of your healing gift ... [to] show my doctor that things were dramatically improving… my number yesterday was 162 and the normal for muscle elevation is 130! I WOULD SAY THAT IS A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE… Thank you for EVERYTHING..!… "
Cortney Nielsen
"... I loved that she doesn’t let you dwell in a place that is not healthy or useful... Phrases she said ...“ There is no question in my mind that you can handle this and you can experience this in a new way.” She created a  customized meditation  ... that really spoke to how I see the world... She helped me see that I could be present ...That I could be engaged, ... I did not have to be swayed or damaged by whatever anyone else threw my way...  ...  I felt I had a kind of bubble around me. I was still fully present but I didn’t feel triggered when things didn’t go my way. Working with Sharon is transformative in ways I cannot quite articulate-  I just know that I feel better and stronger and kinder and I am grateful for the help."
Molly Connolly
" ...The Xray showed ... two of my spinal discs were ... missing... I needed spinal surgery, spinal fusion with a bone graft, ... Coming out of the anesthesia ... The nurses seemed to be under a fair amount of “hurry stress.”   One of them said to me, “I’m going as quick as I can to get you some pain relief.  It will just be a moment.” I was puzzled.  “What?” “Just one second, Honey, I’m on it.” “On what?” “On your shot, Honey.  I know how bad it hurts.” “Um, what?” “This surgery, Honey.” She said, “I’ve seen a lot of them, and I know what it’s like.   It’ll  just be a second, now.” “I’m fine.” That brought a total gaping stare.   “You’re fine? Fine???” “Yes, I’m fine.”   Since that seemed incredible to her, I told her about the hypnosis.  She seemed shocked and offered me the narcotics two more times before leaving, muttering something about, “I never thought I’d see it.   Something new for my career!” ..."
Marlene Partridge
“I am coming up on my 4 year anniversary of quitting smoking, and subsequently, drinking alcohol. As I look back, I can see the changes in my life since I first decided to see what Svenson Hypnosis had to offer, smoking cessation only being the tip of the iceberg. One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me in our hypnosis sessions was the process of changing my story to change my life.   When I would tell the story of  my life, it was from a victim’s perspective and that is a negative place to be.   She dared me to change and stuck with me while I fought the process. She dared me to say, ‘what if?’ The ‘what if’ has turned in to a Master Degree and a teaching job working with middle school students.   I know my positive expectations and perspective rubs off on my students and continues to spread Sharon’s message along with a few Sharonisms I use regularly. Every corner of my life has been improved and keeps getting better … life is a journey and we are never done.”
Cara Mosdale
"… I’m so excited right now, I just got done working out for 35 minutes at the gym taking a dance class. The class is an hour- long but I need to pace myself. I can’t THANK YOU enough for changing my life and creating a better living environment in my head. (smile) You truly are a healer! THANK YOU! … Thanks again!"
Cortney Neilsen 
 "… I cannot adequately express my gratitude and blessings, in which meeting and working with you has brought to me. Your spirit and dedication is remarkable, humble, and peacefully led. I am excited for your mentor-ship and help. It means more than, again, I can express. May you be blessed sevenfold! I am excited... Thank you so much."
Jocelyn Manwell 
"It’s been ... 4 years since I attended my first session.  I came to see you hoping you could help me stop smoking.  I was one of those people who “loved” to smoke.  I thought it made me feel relaxed and comforted.  Over time, the social stigma made it more and more uncomfortable. Although skeptical, I had high expectations ...  I wanted to ...  live comfortably with other smokers...  I asked ... you include a tolerance for smoke in my hypnosis session.  I was certain the session was unsuccessful.  There was no deep trance or blackout time ...  It just felt like the little naps we used to take in kindergarten.   Relaxed and cuddled.  I couldn’t believe that I had no desire for a smoke ... after the first session.  I sat on the porch enjoying the evening with my guy.  He lit up and I asked for a puff.  That was the last cigarette puff I have ever taken. I am “not a smoker”.  Unlike in past experiences, trying to quit, I never crave a cigarette or dream of one. I could not help but return to your group sessions to see what else I could gain.  The beautiful tools, like 'imagining good things' ... 'being mindful' ... 'letting your thoughts be ok', and the 'concepts of time ... pure love and eternity', have worked to enhance other positive influences in my life. The elevation of a feeling of love and appreciation of life coincides so well with my religious practice.  My prayer and religious traditions somehow have a higher level of meaning to me.  Even though I have been practicing and studying my religion all my life.  Meditation is more meaningful and fruitful. There has been more than one occasion where I was anxious about an outcome.  For instance, a business meeting, where I anticipated trouble.  As part of my preparation for the meeting, I incorporated the tools you have given me.  My response to the situation was positive, I was able to listen more carefully, relax and provide a solution.  Recently, someone I love, called in a panic about their worries.  His closing remarks were, “Talking to you has made me feel at peace, calm and confident in my way forward.”   Way to go Sharon!  You have paid it forward through the lessons you have taught to me. Joyfully, Kathy”
Kathy Vaughan
"I talked to ‘my friend’ .. she has been pain-free  since her session- she is...  thrilled- ..., so am I! ... "
Carol Smith About Fibromyalgia Client