Mastery of Joy Packages

 Go Deep For Phenomenal


We can meet once a month, twice a
month, or weekly.

Consistency is key to creating
positive transformation!

We can meet for 30, 45, 60, 90, or
120-minute sessions

Let Me Customize A
Package Just For You

One that respects your time
budget, and goals


  • Packages give you way more value for
    your money with surprise bonuses

  • When you commit to the process I can
    give you more support

  • We can build on your successes,
    speeding up your transformations

  • I can be Johnny on the spot and address
    issues as they crop up, so things don't
    escalate out of control

  • We take advantage of the opportunities
    that arise while it's hot and ripe
    for change

  • We will dive in way deeper
    and holistically address the issues,
    improving other areas in your life

  • We will pull up the roots, so one bad
    habit isn't replaced with another


What To Expect

Unlike many other programs,
it is not filled with homework
and more things to add to your
to-do list. Clients report it brings
them relief, clarity, peace,
and more energy


You'll get a personalized
meditation recorded from each
session addressing your issues. 

Clients find they can fast-forward
the positive changes by falling
asleep to one of the meditaions
at night, or by fitting one into
their day. Some even listen
on walks or while they are 
exercising or cleaning.

The recordings infuse you with
feelings of being safe, supported
and loved.

It will speed up the process of
melting away the resistance and
compounding the positive

Contact Me For A Free 
Consultation by Zoom
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How Hypnosis Can
Support You


Video Testimonials for
Mastery of Joy Package

Mental Health

Courtney and Helen moved
fom mental anguish to joy 

Angele went from worrying
and stressing about her business
to make
 more money