Life doesn't have to be a struggle. It's suppose to feel good!

Attention: Positive-Minded Souls: harness
your intuition & tap into your joy as a strategy
to jump start dreams, achieve goals, & have
way more successes

Blast past limited mindset, blocks, stuck points, live
life how you really want to:

  -instead of overwhelm & procrastination, be
to act, finish projects, see things through

  -avoid mistakes that drain your energy & distract
from your dreams

  -be free of others agendas, your made-up
limitations. Follow your heart, take things bigger,

   write that book, start a business, take things further,
   boldly live the life you really want

  -stop using bad habits for temporary relief, like
   mindlessly eating, binge watching TV
, getting lost
   on social media sites,
drinking too much.Chose
   things that meet your needs, add to your well-
& are truly satisfying

  -be the happiest person you know, despite issues,
problems, others judgments, the inevitable stuff that
   happens, and enjoy the benefits: better health, more
   harmonious relationships, healthier choices, more
   dreams achieved, a fulfilling & joyful life


In my Mastery of Joy programs I use intuitive coaching & energy
infused guided meditations to move you past stuck points &
limitations, open the door wide, so you can loudly hear & act
on your inner guidance
, & follow your natural inspired joyful self

Start now, with a free guided energy infused meditation,
one of the most powerful tools available today for rapid
long-term change

Stop Stress, Reclaim Your Focus, Be Free Of The Past


  Sharon offers one-on-one Mastery of Joy Immersion Packages & Retreats

  Sessions by internet or phone. Office hours in Boise & Garden Valley, ID

  Retreats in beautiful Garden Valley, ID, nestled in the forested mountains


Stop Making Life So Challenging
Shift The Odds In Your Favor

Use one of the most powerful
tools available today
for rapid, long-lasting change-

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Stop Stress, Reclaim Your Focus,
Be Free Of The Past
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Let go, lose weight, and feel inspired...

"I am down 5 pounds now in about a week. And I have been knocking off projects around the house that I have been putting off for months. Years even. Can’t figure it out... I seem to have derived more benefit than I might have expected from just one session." J. Ledbetter

Let Go Of Fears & Anxieties &
Focus On What You Want

 ... One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me in our ... sessions was the process of changing my story to change my life.  When I would tell the story of my life, it was from a victim’s perspective and that is a negative place to be... She dared me to change and stuck with me while I fought the process...”

Cara Mosdale