Life doesn't have to be a struggle. It's suppose to feel good!

     Attention: Positive-Minded Souls,

     Don't let stress & negative
mindset get the upper hand.

What if you could stop the stress, fears, worries &
overwhelm? Imagine how different life would be?
You could focus on what you want instead:

- get things done, finish projects, see things through

-enjoy & have fun with your family, friends, activities,
instead of worrying or stressing

-move toward your dreams, whether it's to write that book,
start a business,
be your authentic self, instead of fears
and procrastination holding you back

-to be the happiest person you know, despite issues,
problems, and the inevitable stuff that happens

Whether your worries or fears are about money,
kids,  spouse, family, a problem at work, politics,
health issues, how something will work out, the
results are the same it can:

- lead to more overwhelm, stress, procrastination,
doubts, cloudy thinking

- effect your sleep, make you feel tired, or exhausted

- compromise your health, contribute to illness or

- feed bad habits, as you seek temporary comfort
or relief

- distract or stop you from doing what you really
want to focus on and do


I want everyone to have joy, playfulness, well-being as their
more dominant experience. The wonderful side effects:
better health, more harmonious relationships, inspired to
take action, healthier choices,a deeper richer life.

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Release Fears & Anxieties, Change Everything!

"I initially came to Sharon ... to be less controlling and free myself of
expecting the worst. Both habits brought fears and
anxieties that ...
stopped me from appreciating & enjoying my life.
Leaving behind
fears and worries...
changed everything. I love how  it all came full
circle and other parts of my life came together too.Family relationships
are better ... 
relationship with my body and food... It is so worth

investing the time and money on."
Donna Sevilla



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Testimonials for these
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Stop Stress
Calm Monkey Mind
Deep, Restful Sleep

"Sharon's recording for stopping
stress is my favorite one,
it's help me a lot and is my
go to meditation when I feel
Workshop Participant
commenting on the
Stop Stress

"I love knowing just because
you think a negative thought
doesn't make it true.
Thank you, Sharon, for the gift .
Feedback about
Calm Monkey Mind

"Sharon’s Insomnia ... [recording]
has helped me to relax,
go to sleep, and wake in
the morning with a happy
anticipation for the day.
Thank You."
Elizabeth McInally's
testimonial for
Get a good night's sleep

Release Stress, Stop Anxiety, & Experience Healing

"I have wonderful news …
I had my blood tested …
It showed my muscle
inflammation was
I was then referred
to you…not only am I healthier,
I can stand to be comfortable
in my own skin…here comes
the number… I had my
blood tested yesterday to get
... proof of your healing gift ...
show my doctor that things were
were dramatically improving…
my number yesterday was
162 and the normal for
 muscle elevation is 130!
Thank you for EVERYTHING..!… "
Cortney Nielsen