Mastery of Joy Packages

Mastery of Joy Packages
3, 6, and 12-month Options

  • Mental Well-Being
  • Health Improvement &
  • Bad Habits & Addictions
  • Weight Loss, Self-Care & Love
  • Success, Goals & Dreams
  • Exploration and Higher States

The quality of your thoughts affects
everything, from your mental health,
physical health, and the quality of
the life you create.

Thrive during this time, be the light
for others, make your goals and
dreams come true.

What to expect

  • Relief, peace, and clarity
  • Improved health and energy
  • Inspired actions, goals & dreams achieved
  • More JOY and fulfilling life!

Choose from a variety of areas
you desire to focus in on.

My promise I'll use all my skills
to help you achieve 
as much as
possible in the time, we have

Be saturated With Love

Relax Into Your Well-Being 


Unlike many other programs,
it is not filled 
with homework
and more things to add to 
to-do list. Clients report it brings
them relief, clarity, peace,
and more energy

You'll get a personalized
meditation recorded from 
session addressing your issues. 

Clients find they can fast-forward
the positive changes by falling
asleep to one of the meditaions
at night, or by fitting one into
their day.

The recordings infuse you with
feelings of being safe, supported
and loved. It will speed up the
process of melting away the
resistance and compounding
the positive suggestions.

You'll have a variety of guided
at different lengths,
possibly as short as 
2-3 minutes
for extra support and loving, 
some deep healing ones as long
as 90-
minutes. I personalize the
lengths to fit 
into your life.

Want to chat more? Email

me to set up a time

Testimonial for
Mastery of Joy Package

Mental Health

Courtney and Helen talk about moving
away from 
mental anguish to joy by
working with Sharon and taking this
path of love


Testimonials for Mastery
of Joy Packages

Lynda wanted to lose
weight, be happier,
make more mindful
choices and live life
more fully

"...  I am so grateful that
I have gifted myself this
I continue to feel a
positive shifting at my
core and a release from
as a consequence the
behaviors I judged
myself about are
releasing too, like eating
junk food, mindlessly
watching TV, or
procrastinating on
projects, or putting
things off that were
hanging over me.

I am doing things
instead that feel good,
like organizing my
kitchen cabinets, taking
a sculpture class that I
am totally loving,
exploring my city, going
on joyful adventures
with my son, taking a
mini-vacation with my
husband ... I have more
energy now doing what
really feels good.

I am experiencing more
and more joy in my life.
Relationships feel even

More often, I don’t give
my power away to
others, but feel free to
follow my inner guidance
and do what feels right
to me. And more often, 
I feel more loved and
beautiful, regardless
of others' opinions.

I love the level of
support Sharon gives in
-between sessions for 
reinforcement and extra
support; ... plus, the
additional personalized
recordings that come
from sessions.

When I was on an 11
hour overnight flight, I
listened again and again
to the recordings and
felt so good when I
arrived at my
destination...! "

Lynda Modaff
Los Angeles, CA