Mastery of Joy Packages

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What to expect

Relief, peace, and clarity
Inspired actions, goals and
dreams achieved

Choose from a variety of areas
you desire to focus in on.

My promise I'll use all my skills
to help you achieve 
as much as
possible in the time, we have

Mastery of Joy Packages
3, 6, and 12-month Options


Mental Well-Being

Health Improvement & Pain


Bad Habits & Addictions

Weight Loss, Self-Care & Love

Success, Goals & Big Dreams

Be saturated With Love

Relax Into Your Well-Being 


Unlike many other programs,
it is not filled 
with homework
and more things to add to 
to-do list. Clients report it brings
them relief, clarity, peace,
and more energy

You'll get a personalized
meditation recorded from 
session addressing your issues. 

Clients find they can fast-forward
the positive changes by falling
asleep to one of the meditaions
at night, or by fitting one into
their day.

The recordings infuse you with
feelings of being safe, supported
and loved. It will speed up the
process of melting away the
resistance and compounding
the positive suggestions.

You'll have a variety of guided
at different lengths,
possibly as short as 
2-3 minutes
for extra support and loving, 
some deep healing ones as long
as 90-
minutes. I personalize the
lengths to fit 
into your life.

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Mastery of Joy Packages
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Testimonial for
Mastery of Joy Package

Mental Health

Courtney and Helen talk
about moving away from
mental anguish to joy by
working with Sharon and
taking this path of love



Testimonial for Sharon's
Mastery of Joy Packages

She lost weight, 

became a better parent,
improved her finances &
life circumstances,
and created her
dream life  


Courtney's Story

When she first came to
for sessions, she just
wanted help in losing 
weight but ended up with
so many other positive

Life was a struggle,
her family financially
lived on the edge, and
they were well below the
poverty level. She had
so many obstacles
working against her, a
drug-addicted husband,
no high school
education, a low- paying
job. But Courtney, like
all of us, wasn't her
obstacles, she was
potential, and a
beautiful, brilliant,
joyful soul. 

As she let go of fears,
old stories, and a belief
in temporary realities, lots
of positive changes

She found she was no
longer yelling at her
kids but finding creative
ways to get their

She let go of focusing
on blame and focused
instead on what she
could do to improve 
her life.

She began to see her
gifts, brilliance, and

Her experience at
work began to feel
more light and joyful.
Customers started
giving her gifts for
the joy she brought 
into their lives.

She did lose the
weight, learned belly
dancing fire fans, and
poi along the way. As
well as started to do

She became a fire
dance performer with
the group La Flambe

Wow, the changes
were amazing!

Fast-forward about
10 years later.

She competes in races.
Got her scuba diving
license, and is learning
to sail.

She is in a beautiful
marriage with her soul
mate, has a wonderful
job she loves and is
paid well for, and in a
few years plans to
take early retirement
sail around the
world with her

Life is meant to be

Imagine all the possibilities
that await you!