45 & 90-Minute Sessions

Release fears, worries, and 
sabotaging beliefs

Find the soothing, relief
and wisdom the challenge or
negative feelings are calling
you to

  • be guided into a relaxed
    hypnotic state, and soak 
    in positive suggestions
    personalized for you

  • have fears and worries 
    soothed or released

  • Awaken your healing
    powers and wisdom


One or Two Sessions
Could Be Right For You

If you want

  • to try me out before you
    commit to a Master Of Joy
    Package Or Course

  • support during a crisis

  • help with an issue like
    migraines, phobia, help
    during a crisis
     ... and other issues that
    sometimes can be 
    addressed in a few sessions

  • to jump-start your life in a
    positive direction 

  • to do sessions one at a time
    because that's what
    works for now

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Testimonials for Sharon's
Mastery of Joy session

"Our ... session, immediately,
took me to a place of comfort
and "knowing".

My worry, anxiety, and even
frustration over
my block(s)
around my issue were
cradled and,
literally rocked to sleep
the sound and
vibration of Sharon's 

In the days, weeks and
months to come, I
continued to replay the
recording ... over and over
again, still feeling the
wonderful, magical,
Sharon's voice is soothing,
her words are simple.

She took me, within, to a
deeply meaningful, forgiving
and loving place.  Sharon
guided me to areas of my
being that both needed to
hear and feel the gift of her
transformative service. 

Thank you, Sharon! 


Heidi Smith

Vastu Designs

"Sharon has an incredible
In a short period of
time, she extracted enough
information to identify where
I was struggling.

Sharon's hypnosis sessions
gave me the tools I needed
to learn how to begin
shifting my thinking,
become more 
empowered, and at peace.

After our initial session, I
incredibly "free".

I had an intense wave of
joyful emotion occur as I
felt lighter, stress-free,
yet more in control.

If you want to get to the
next level in your
professional and/or
personal life, I highly
recommend working with

She was so respectful of
my boundaries and feelings
and was so easy to work

Crystal D. Smith
Jedi Marketing Master


"... I loved that she

doesn’t let you dwell
in a place that is not
healthy or useful...

Phrases she said ...“
There is no question
in my mind that you
can handle this and
you can experience
this in a new way.”

She created a 
customized meditation
 ... that really spoke to
how I see the world...

She helped me see
that I could be present
...That I could be engaged,
... I did not have to be
swayed or damaged by
whatever anyone else
threw my way...

 ...  I felt I had a kind of
bubble around me.

I was still fully present
but I didn’t feel
triggered when things
didn’t go my way.

Working with Sharon is
transformative in ways I
cannot quite articulate- 
I just know that I feel
better and stronger and
kinder and I am grateful
for the help."

Molly Connolly
Chicago, IL


"Sharon is a joyful spirit and
a gifted hypnotist. She
helped bring clarity when
I needed it the most! She
was there for me at the
beginning of my
transformation with a
soothing voice and
skilled guidance. So
grateful for powerful
women in my life!"

Cindy Fry



 "... Sharon opened up a
new level in my journey.
  I appreciated her
conviction in my ability
to let go of beliefs
that were not serving
me. I loved her
sense of humor
that helped
me stop being so
hard on myself so
I could find
the bigger picture...

... her meditations
helped me prepare for
when I left Israel for the
first time in fourteen years,
and I attribute much of
the success of my trip to
using her techniques ...

 I strongly recommend
Sharon if you want
to reach new
levels of personal
growth... ” 

-- Devora Gila Berkowitz,
Transformation Coach


Or Contact Me For A Free 
Consultation by Zoom
Or Phone And Explore
How Hypnosis Can
Support You

Explore Packages And Courses To
Get A Lot More Value For Your Money