Mastery of Joy Positive Mindset For Your Child,Teenager,Family

In this nurturing
package your
child and or family members
will go through a 
proven system 
to get results


Children and teenagers want

the same things you do

They want 

  • to be happy, contribute, and live an
    engaging zestful life 

  • their basic needs met, have life go
    well for them, and get more of what
    they want

  • to feel safe, believe in themselves,
    and believe in a positive future

  • to feel good about themselves, be
    resilient, adaptable, and confident
    moving forward

  • to have a healthy comfortable body
    and a peaceful mind

  • to be connected, have positive
    relationships, feel seen, heard,
    valued, and loved

It might seem like they 
don't want these things
especially when you see
uncooperative, contrary,
and self-defeating actions.

But just like us, they can
get in their own way, and
be their own worst enemy

Let me support them in

  • being happy, feeling safe, and
    feeling good about themselves

  • being that cooperative component
    in their life, so it goes better for
    them and the people around them,
    and they get more of what they want

  • making good decisions and not being
    led by peer pressure, low-self esteem,
    or other outside influences

  • moving past their negative emotions
    and challenges and changing
    them into confidence, wisdom
    and love


My children are
benefits ...

Before I felt as
if we 
as a family and
now I see
such a

My children are
laughing and
succeeding with
academics and

in their lives.

I can honestly
say I now have
a healthy home
and family and
I couldn’t be
prouder and
of our

Thanks to
Sharon ...

Truly amazing

Thank you,

Amy Leslie
Bend, ID


"… I also want to
remind you that
last year my son
indirectly identified
you as making the
biggest difference
in his social life,
and I will never
forget that.
It was a
true gift to him
and to me
…. "

Betsy Johnson
Garden Valley, ID


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