About Sharon 

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Since 2006 Sharon has guided
over 2000 clients into
hypnotic states ideal for
letting go of heavy emotions,
sabotaging beliefs and
for soaking up positive
expectations, and joyful
abundant thinking

By releasing old thinking,
painful baggage and victim
mentality she let go of
social anxiety, depression,
binge eating, extra weight,
allergies, asthma, migraine
headaches, back pain, and
obsessive worry and
judgment, among other

In the release came more
fun, energy, creativity and
inspiration, to follow her

It led Sharon to write and
perform her children's
stories, take up yoga, learn
new things like poi and staff,
become a fire performer,
and create a successful
business she is passionate
about, Svenson Hypnosis.

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"When we release fears,
limitations, and made-up
rules and beliefs that mess 
us up and holds us back; 
and choose thinking that
makes us feel safe, 
accepted, loved, and good
enough, we become
healthier, happier, and live
more full 
engaging lives.

Limitless possibilities
exist for us.

We can continue to learn,
change, and be who we want
to be.

As I continue to let go of the
inner-critic and victim stories
a bigger, happier,
engaging life unfolds.

I would love to support you
in having that too."

Sharon Svenson


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Sharon specializes in helping
others find their joy, be their
true authentic selves, and live
a prosperous, healthy,
engaging life

With her proven system
clients have claimed freedom
or relief from insomnia, health
issues, depression, anxieties,
fears,  bad habits, addictions,
poverty mentality, scarcity
beliefs, and much more.

Client's focus instead on what
they want and move forward
with inspired actions.

They write the book they
always wanted to, see their
business take off, do more
activities they truly love,
enjoy learning new things,
create healthier relationships,
lose weight they have been
struggling to let go of, and
so much more.

The possibilities are infinite!


University of Wisconsin
B.A. - International Studies
Graduated 1983

Hypnosis education
and certification from
Omni Hypnosis

Omni Hypnosis Training
Center of Deland, FL
Student of Gerald Kein
Graduated 2006

An institution which has
produced some of the
best and most
celebrated hypnotists
practicing today.

Acquired over 300
hours of specialized


  • A.I.D.S
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Cancer
  • Childbirth
  • Children's Motivation
  • Depression
  • Learning Enhancement
  • Impotence-Non-Organic
  • Pain
  • Phobia Removal
  • Stress
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Ultra-Height



Instead of worrying
and stressing, Donna
is living her best life,
 and is there for herself
and family in a
healthy way

" ... fears and anxieties ...

stopped me from
appreciating and
enjoying ... life...

Family relationships are
better.Instead of feeling
guilty, fearful or critical, I
... support and love them
... feeling more peaceful
having healthier

I didn’t socialize.
I felt socially awkward.
Now I am friendly and
spontaneous, have more
friends, and feel ...
comfortable and free ...

Life is easy, when you
let go of the worry, fear
and judgments ... "

Donna Sevilla
Garden Valley

Mariann learned to stop
stressing, and denying
herself happiness, now
she can enjoy her life,
family, and 
friends fully

"Coming to Sharon
sessions and
made my life
lighter, healthier,
and more

I’ve released a
constant cough,
improved my
released a
variety of
and pains.

I love myself
, and
I let it be OK
to make
want things,
and be human.

I used to think I wasn’t
supposed to love myself 
or want things, that that
was being selfish
or vain.

Now I allow myself to
feel beautiful and
good about myself
without having
to be perfect.

 I make being happy
a priority.

I let myself be happy
when there are
challenges in
my life 
or loved

I understand more
and more that
I don’t help others
by worrying or
stressing about

 I don’t need to put off
my happiness until
others have it all
together or figured

I use to feel stressed
during the holidays
when family came.
Now things are
very different,

... instead of feeling
anxious, I’m able to
allow others to
help out instead
of doing it all
alone, ...

and I find I am really
getting what I wanted,
enjoying being with my
family and spending
with them.

More often I see the
possibilities of the
future instead of
, ... that has
been such a gift to
feel more relaxed
and expectant.

I have more peace about
the eternalness of life.

Dealing with the death
of loved ones 
has still
brought temporary
pain, but is softer now,
because I also have
felt the beauty,
connection, and
eternal relationship
with my loved ones, 
Sharon would say,
“ … in pure positive
love and light.”

... I'm able to let go
of dwelling in sadness
or regrets, enjoy my
life, and be present
for my loved ones
here on planet earth.

I highly recommend
you sign-up for her
Packages it really
can change your life,
I’m so glad I did."

Mariann Steen
Boise, ID


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