Mental Well-being

Mental Well-Being
Mastery of Joy Package

Imagine if

  • Your most dominant
    experience was feeling good

  • A good night sleep came

  • You thoroughly enjoyed
    your work, play, family,
    friends, and blessings

  • When issues, challenges,
    or decisions cropped up you
    went to positive expectations,  
    followed by solutions, clarity,
    and answers

  • You were the best of who
    you are, appreciative, joyful,
    brilliant, creative, and wise

In this Mastery of Joy Mental
Well-Being Package, you'll turn
your struggles and issues into
knowledge, clarity, well-being,
and zest for life


Courtney and Helen talk
how they moved from 
mental suffering and

found their joy



" entire adult life was based
... around ... one ... thought:
I was worthless.

It ... began to change when I
went to see a hypnotherapist...
she told me over and over
again how wonderful I am. 

She encouraged my writing,
the changes I needed to
make, ... gave me a new belief
in myself ...

I have ... learned that I am a
contributing, amazing woman
to this world...

It is time to let go of the
negative and replace it with

Shannon Thornbrugh


... sessions
and workshops
have made
my life lighter,
and more

I’ve released a
constant cough,
improved my
and released ...
aches and

I love myself
, and
I let it be OK
to make
want things,
and be

I allow myself
to feel
beautiful and
good about
myself without
having to be
perfect.  I make
being happy
a priority.

I let myself be
happy even

when there are
in my life

or loved ones...

I don’t need
to put off my
happiness until
others have it all
together or
figured out.

I use to feel
instead of
feeling anxious,
I’m able to

... I see the
possibilities of
the future
instead of worrying
such a gift to feel
more relaxed
and expectant.

I highly
recommend you
sign-up for her
Mastery of Joy
Package, it
really can
change your
life, I’m so
glad I did.

Mariann Steen

Boise, Idaho