Tap Into The Power Of Feeling Good

I help you to feel good. A simple 
and effective way to transform
your life!

Photo by Kari Greer @ kariphotos.com

Listen and read testimonials
clients who share how

  • lost weight

  • improved their financial fortunes

  • released addictions and bad habits

  • got relief from depressions, anxieties,
    and phobias

  • mitigated or turned around health

  • and so much more.

    Photo by Kari Greer @ kariphotos.com

Dan had a progressive
incurable illness.

He was mostly bedridden 
had incredible pain, and
was angry that his life was

being taken away.

Now he is living a full life,
enjoying family and friends, 
and running his auto body
business again.

Read Dan's Testimonial.


 Photo by Kari Greer @ kariphotos.com

Lisa was drinking all day
long, hiding bottles, sneaking
drinks. Her boyfriend had 
threatened to kick her out.

She lost her job because
she was drunk at work.
And she could no longer
drive because of a DUI ...

Now she is joyfully free of
alcohol, back to work, 
taking trips, enjoying 
and building her
relationships with
friends and family.

Listen to 
Lisa's Audio Testimonial


Let me support your 

  • Mental Well-Being

  • Improvements in Health, Pain Relief

  • Release of Bad Habits & Addictions

  • Weight Loss goals and Self-Care & Love

  • Achievement of Successes, Goals & Dreams

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Mental Health

Helen's husband died suddenly
and she was struggling.

Courtney had a drug-addicted
husband and so many
other challenges.

Listen to how despite
these challenges
they found their
joy again and
 the many positive 
changes that

Physical Health

Helen had low energy,
headaches, pain walking
from injuries and
was eating poorly.

Courtney had low
energy and off and
on didn't feel good.

Listen as they share how
they had energy again
and health issues
cleared up.

Weight Loss

Helen and Courtney share
how they effortlessly lost 
weight and started to
do more engaging
active things. 

For Helen, it was taking
hikes to beautiful

Courtney became
a gym member
and learned to
belly dance
and do fire poi.


Donna stressed and
worried a lot, struggled
with food issues,

was held back by social
anxiety, and just
wanted to feel 


Read her own
words on the

that happened, like
living her life more
fully, being more
spontaneous and

saying yes to

making more
friends, exercising
daily and responding
to crisis with

and peace.

Read Donna's Testimonial


Amy freed herself of
cigarettes, released food
allergies and now

enjoys the foods she

She discovered
parenting skills that
helped empower

her kids and overtime
she created
the family and life
she wanted.

Read and Watch 
her testimonials