Go Deep With Sleep

Gift yourself a good night's sleep

Develop new habits, fall asleep
more quickly, get a better quality
of sleep, 
wake up feeling refreshed
and ready to start your day



          Photo by Kari Greer

Sleep is an ideal time for 

  • The body to heal, restore, and reenergize

  • The release of your fears and anxieties

  • Clearing away the old baggage and 
    mental junk

  • Resetting to a positive perspective

When we focus on appreciation and feelings
of well-being the mind and 
body relax.

Listen to your recording every day to
overcome long-standing negative
patterns of thought or habit, or use
occasionally as needed.

"I'm so grateful for
this sleep meditation.
I now sleep soundly.

If I start back up with
old habits, and my mind
starts to spin, sometimes
it is enough to just hear
your words in my head,
and I can fall back to
sleep.Thank you!!!"

Joyshop Participant 

Go Deep With Sleep 47:58




"Hi Sharon ... I used it
[the sleep meditation]
last night and slept for
about 6 hours straight
–a record for the last
few years! Arose about
45 minutes earlier than
usual…Again, thanks…"

M. B.


"Sharon's Insomnia
recording brought me
such peace and comfort
during a difficult period
in my life. She is such a


"Sharon’s Insomnia CD
has helped me to relax go
to sleep and wake in the
morning with a happy
anticipation for the day.
Thank You."

Elizabeth McInally

Fall asleep to it each night.

Or listen to it during the
day. Either way works
just fine.

If you stay awake, go into
a deep trance, or fall
asleep, that is
just beautiful.

The parts being talked to
in hypnosis are your
subconscious mind and
what I call your Higher Self.
Those parts are always

If you share a bed, listen
with headphones, though
they might want to listen

You can download into
your smart phone, iPad,
or computer. Or even
burn a CD.

Over time the
suggestions compound
and strengthen the
positive habits of thought. 

If insomnia has been an
issue for a long time,
give yourself time to
establish new patterns
of thought
and habit.

Listen daily for 30-60 days,
or until you are experiencing
a consistency of dropping
off to sleep quickly and
staying asleep.

Then if any issues start
to come back just 
listen again to get
back on track.

If you wake up during
the night,listen to the
recording. If you wake
up earlier then you
want, listen to
the recording.

The more you listen to it,
the more the positive
suggestions compound
and strengthen. 

If you have questions, feel free to email
me at svensonhypnosis@gmail.com