Take the quiz & see how you score on self-love & acceptance

Mark where you fall on the scale:

1 being the highest for self-love & acceptance

10 being the lowest score


I ignore my needs, and put myself last. (1)
I always take the time to take care of my needs. (10)

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Nurturing myself is on the bottom of my list. (1)
I take time to nurture myself and have balance in my life. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


It is very hard for me to accept a compliment. (1)
I accept compliments with gratitude and appreciation. (10)

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When I think of my body it is with criticism. (1)
When I think of my body it is with appreciation and love. (10)

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I procrastinate and put off projects. (1)
I commit to myself by following through with my dreams. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I don't take personally, outside conditions or others moods or beliefs. (1)
I often feel put down, unsupported, or criticized by others, or
circumstances in life. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I often let others moods or agendas determine what I say 'yes' or 'no' to. (1)
I follow my inner guidance and easily say 'no' or 'yes' to what feels
supportive and healthy and in alignment with my dreams, goals and
well-being. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I push myself to be better by taking inventory of my faults and failings. (1)
I support myself with encouragement, reminding myself of all my successes,
and how far I've come. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I can't remember the last time I did something for me. (1)
I make sure to take time for activities that bring me joy or add to my
well-being. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


My self-talk is filled with negative judgments about myself and others. (1)
My self-talk is supportive, encouraging and kind. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I have lots of negative habits in my life. (1)
I have lots of positive habits in my life. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)

I don't feel good about myself. (1)
I feel really good about myself. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I feel guilty when I think good thoughts about myself or say "yes" to me. (1)
When I support, give and help others, it's from a place of love. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)

Lots of people from my past have manipulated and taken advantage of me. (1)
I see my past from a perspective of love, filled with learning, growth and
evolution. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


I suffer from depressions and other overwhelming emotions, like guilt, excessive worry and fear. (1)
Over all I feel peaceful and enjoy friends, family and life. (10)

(1)   (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)   (7)   (8)   (9)   (10)


If you scored between 100- 150, you are living a joyful life,
and are supporting and empowering your family, friends and
the world. You most likely seek out support, guidance and help,
for more self-improvement, and look for better ways to love and
support yourself.


If you scored between 50 and 100, you probably do some
loving and supportive things, but also have areas that aren't
working, and trip you up. In fact, since you have the self-
awareness, the negative habits and negative emotions will
feel even more intense because of the contrast between the
loving actions and thoughts, and the actions and thoughts
of self-denial and negative judgement.


If you scored below 50, it isn't an indicator something is
wrong with you, know you are in good company.  Most of us
have been trained up in ways totally opposite of what is required
for self-love and acceptance.It is possible to do things in new ways
and turn things around.

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In joy,

Sharon Svenson










Tips for loving yourself

* Pretend you're your best friend, and give yourself encouragement and supportive guidance.


*Treat yourself like you might a small child and allow yourself a learning curve as you figure things out and find your way. Don't beat yourself up for being human, give yourself wiggle room to make mistakes, experiment and find your way.


*Make lists of things you've accomplished in the past and felt good about. Remind yourself that you can achieve, learn and grow, by reviewing the list off and on to build up good feelings of feeling capable.


*Instead of focusing on criticizing your body and feelings of ugliness, think of reasons you feel beautiful instead. Maybe you felt beautiful when you wrote a song, or supported a friend. Feel those feelings instead.


*Have handy in your mind, people you know love you unconditionally. Maybe a grandchild, child, or friend.Think of them when others offer up criticism.


*See yourself through the Universe's eyes (God/Higher Power/Source/
The Divine) as the beautiful, beloved, precious soul you are.

Love yourself

"... I am sharing my...personal story to show you how something changes you but shouldn't.
We all have had a moment when someone tells us something that ... hurts us to our core. There may be 1000 people who say something positive to counter that negative comment. Instead of listening to the positive, we hold on and believe that ONE negative comment.

This is my story:

When I was a young woman, I came out as a lesbian. I spoke to my mother on the phone. She told me I was lower than a piece of s... on the ground. Everyone around me praised me for coming out ...

But my entire adult life was based and formed around that one centering thought: I was worthless.
It ... began to change when I went to see a hypnotherapist...she told me over and over again how wonderful I am.

She encouraged my writing, the changes I needed to make, and in those few months gave me a new belief in myself.
It has been 5 years since I saw her and began to change... I have ... learned that I am a contributing, amazing woman to this world...

I am telling you this because most of you ... have had that defining moment... I am challenging you this very second to begin the change... It is time to let go of the negative and replace it with love. Love for yourself! You are amazing! You are full of grace! You are love!"

Shannon Thornbrugh

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