Holiday Gift-A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep, one of the best gifts of all!
Use this powerful tool to get some Zzzz's.
Sharon Svenson

An ideal time to let go of fears, worries, & concerns, give your mind and body a break, is during sleep.Unfortunately insomnia and other sleep problems can be especially troublesome during the holiday season. Chances are you will experience extra pressure and more stress during this time. Whether it's stress from getting together with family, entertaining, wanting to get more done, financial or time pressure, or hallmark expectations unmet, unless you can let go, turn off your mind, and get a good night's sleep, enjoying the holidays, getting things done, and staying healthy, will be very compromised.

I used to suffer periods of insomnia or poor sleep, so I get how important sleep is. After a good night's sleep, I have a more positive perspective, energy to accomplish and get things done, and have seen how vital it is for a strong healthy immune system.

Working with clients over the years, I've learned to address sleep issues as quickly as possible. When you're tired and cranky, enjoying life, and moving forward is very hard to do, not to mention the devastating effect it can have on your health. Something I am doubly aware of now that I watch my granddaughters occasionally and am exposed to their latest cold or flu.

One of the biggest reasons for poor sleep, is the inability to shut off the mind. Bedtime isn't the time to solve world problems, figure out how you'll pay your bills, or fix your child's troubles, it's time to sleep!Trouble can compound if the busy mind leads to a restless body or physical discomfort, making dropping off to sleep or staying asleep even more difficult.

One of the most powerful tools available to human kind for transformations, is meditation. Meditation is a conducive powerful and ideal state for soaking up positive changes and overriding negative patterns of thought.

Below is my holiday gift to you, a guided love infused meditation for sleeping soundly. This meditation has supported 100's of my clients get back on track and get a good night's sleep. If you don't suffer, yay, pass on to a loved one or friend and gift them this path to sound sleep.

"I'm am so grateful for this sleep meditation. I now sleep soundly. If I start back up with old habits, and my mind starts to spin, sometimes it is enough to just hear your words in my head, and I can fall back sleep.Thank you!!!" Newsletter recipient of my gift "Get a Good Night's Sleep"

After years of relying on sleep medications, this client was doubtful at first, but found the insomnia recording to be more effective then her sleep medication with the bonus of other positive effects.

"Sharon’s Insomnia CD has helped me to relax, go to sleep, and wake in the morning with a happy anticipation for the day.Thank You."   Elizabeth McInally


Just fall asleep to it each night. If you share a bed, listen with headphones, though they might want to listen too.You can download into your smart phone, ipad, or computer. You can burn yourself a CD. Overtime the suggestions compound and strengthen the positive habits of thought.

If insomnia has been an issue for a long time, give yourself time to establish new patterns of thought and habit. Fall asleep to it every night for 30-60 days, or until you are experiencing a consistency of dropping off to sleep quickly and staying asleep.If you wake up during the night, listen to the recording. If you wake up way earlier then you want, listen to the recording. The more you relax to it, the more the positive suggestions compound and strengthen.

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"Get a Good Night's Sleep"