Retreat February 25th 11am-5 pm MT

Self-Love & Acceptance

Gift yourself this one day retreat at this cozy cabin in Garden Valley 


Often we are our own worst enemy, criticizing ourselves, giving our best
to others but not ourselves, following others agendas & ignoring our

We might go out of our way for others but don't always make
the effort to show up for ourselves.

Or maybe we beat up on ourselves for past mistakes or imagined
mistakes, forgetting we're human, and weren't appointed to save the
world. Or we think we've missed our chance, and that it's too late.

From a place of giving to yourself, you'll find you have more to offer
and give to others, start to see creative answers and solutions that
serve you and others, joyfully live in the now, and become that beacon
of light so others have that example to follow too. How beautiful is that?

What to expect:

-Learn Self-Hypnosis

-Acclimate or step into higher energies & truths with meditations

-Let go of self-sabotaging beliefs & thoughts, experience deeper
 levels of self-love

-All meditations recorded to compound the positive changes
& keep the momentum going after the day retreat

-Enjoy a brunch

-Experience the synergy of like-minded people coming together

You'll receive recorded meditations, and learn the tool of self-hypnosis to
take with you, so you can keep the positive momentum going & achieve
deeper levels of self-love & care.

To reserve your spot:


Sunday February 25th
11 am- 5 pm MT
Brunch Served

Look out for Summer & Fall Retreats TBA


Testimonials for Svenson Hypnosis Retreats


"...  I felt welcomed and loved.  I feel stronger and more able to accept and then change my negative thinking and emotions...

... Your amazing ability to relax me with the meditation sessions. Connecting with women who have similar struggles." 

Liz McInally

"... I recently attended Sharon’s Three Day Transformational Retreat. It was the perfect compliment to our work together and instilled the positive mindsets from our sessions. The combined energies and love in our group felt fun, powerful, and transformative.The location was beautiful and relaxing. I can't wait to go again!"

Lynda Modaff

What is the answer to Self-Love and Acceptance?

It's easier then you think.

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