Insomnia-Get a good night’s sleep.

A Letting Go Gift for a good night's sleep

Fall asleep more quickly, get a better quality of sleep,
wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day



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An ideal time to let go of fears, worries, & concerns, give your
mind and body a break, is during sleep. Unfortunately, insomnia
and other sleep problems can be especially troublesome during
times of stress. Whether it's stress from entertaining, a new job,
work pressures, health issues, family problems,  financial or time
pressures, unless you can let go, turn off your mind, and get a
good night's sleep, enjoying life, getting things done, and staying
healthy, will be very compromised. 

I feel for those that struggle with insomnia. When my Dad was in
the later years of his life, sleep medications he had relied on for
most of his adult years became ineffective. The new ones he tried
he found either; ineffectual, gave relief only for a short period, or
the side effects outweighed the benefits. 
He was always looking
for a new medication or some alternative solution, desperate for

I've also had periods of sleepless nights caused by fixating on
worries or fears, or the inability to shut my mind off.
I get how
important sleep is. After a good night's sleep, I have a more
positive perspective, energy to accomplish and get things done,
and have seen how vital it is for a strong healthy immune system. 
Now when the issue crops up, I listen to a meditation to drop back
off to sleep. Plus, I love the idea it is establishing new patterns of
healthy thoughts.

Working with clients over the years, I've learned to address sleep
issues as quickly as possible. When you're tired and cranky,
enjoying life, and moving forward is very hard to do, not to mention
the devastating effect it can have on your health. Something I am
doubly aware of now that I watch my granddaughters and am
exposed to their latest cold or flu. 


One of the biggest reasons for poor sleep is the inability to shut
off the mind. Bedtime isn't the time to solve world problems, figure
out how you'll pay your bills, or fix your child's troubles, it's time to
sleep! Trouble can compound if the busy mind leads to a restless
body or physical discomfort, making dropping off to sleep or
staying asleep even more difficult.


One of the most powerful tools available to humankind for
transformations is meditation. Meditation is a conducive powerful
and ideal state for soaking up positive changes and overriding
negative patterns of thought.


Below is my gift to you, a guided love infused meditation for sleeping
soundly. This meditation has supported 100's of my clients get back
on track and get a good night's sleep. 


Get a good night's sleep


When we focus on appreciation and feelings of well-being the
mind and body relax.

Listen to your recording every day to overcome long-standing
negative patterns of thought or habit, or use occasionally as

Testimonial for - Get A Good Night's Sleep Meditation

"I'm am so grateful for this sleep meditation. I now sleep soundly.
If I start back up with old habits, and my mind starts to spin,
sometimes it is enough to just hear your words in my head,
and I can fall back to sleep.Thank you!!!"

Recipient of my gift "Get a Good Night's Sleep" 



Just fall asleep to it each night. If you share a bed, listen with
headphones, though they might want to listen too. You can
download into your smartphone, iPad, or computer. You can
burn yourself a CD. Over time the suggestions compound and
strengthen the positive habits of thought. 

If insomnia has been an issue for a long time, give yourself
time to establish new patterns of thought and habit. Fall asleep
to it every night for 30-60 days, or until you are experiencing a
consistency of dropping off to sleep quickly and staying asleep
If you wake up during the night, listen to the recording. If you
wake up way earlier then you want, listen to the recording. The
more you relax to it, the more the positive suggestions compound
and strengthen. 


About Sharon

Sharon specializes in helping others find their joy, be their true
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By releasing and letting go of limited mindset everything changes.
With the powerful tool of hypnosis and her intuitive coaching,
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depression, anxieties, gremlins and more

Client's focus instead on what they want: writing the book they
always wanted to, moving forward in their business with positive
actions, doing activities they truly love, living a bigger more
inspired life, and more consistently enjoying the journey along
the way.


"Hi Sharon ... I used it [the sleep meditation] last night and slept for about 6 hours straight–a record for the last few years! Arose about 45 minutes earlier than usual…Again, thanks…"

M. B.


"Sharon's Insomnia recording brought me such peace and comfort during a difficult period in my life. She is such a blessing."



"Sharon’s Insomnia CD has helped me to relax go to sleep and wake in the morning with a happy anticipation for the day. Thank You."

Elizabeth McInally

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I continue to feel a positive shifting at my core and a release from self-judgment: as a consequence the behaviors I judged myself about are releasing too, like eating junk food, mindlessly watching TV, or procrastinating on projects, or putting things off that were hanging over me.

I am doing things instead that feel good, like organizing my kitchen cabinets, taking a sculpture class that I am totally loving, exploring my city, going on joyful adventures with my son, taking a mini-vacation with my husband... I have more energy now doing what really feels good.

I am experiencing more and more joy in my life. Relationships feel even better. More often, I don’t give my power away to others, but feel free to follow my inner guidance and do what feels right to me. And more often, I feel more loved and beautiful, regardless of others opinions...

Lynda Modaff