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Intuitive Coaching & Healing Meditation


    -  Intuitive Coaching to get clarity on a hidden block

    -  Receive an Energy infused healing meditation,
       move past the sabotaging belief

    -  Learn about Mastery of Joy Immersion Pkgs to
       accomplish your goals, move toward your dreams,
       have fun along the way


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"I've accomplished more in this (free) session in getting
relief for my depression, 
then I did with 6 months of
therapy." Marie McLaughlin

 Testimonials for Mastery of Joy Immersion

Heal past wounds, lift depression, lose weight,

quit smoking, feel glad to be alive

" "When the student is ready" ... "the teacher will appear!" 
I feel like I have waited a very long time for Sharon to appear;
my husband and I sold our home in Florida and moved 2,700
miles to Idaho and, she appeared! 

Wow!!! The 3-month Immersion Package has been
for me.  Although I have almost completed
my package with Sharon, I will take this new information
with me and use it for the rest of my life!

I have had many issues that Sharon helped me deal with;
quitting smoking, losing weight, living in the "now"
and not in the past or future.

I am also cooking and baking again which I hadn't done
in two years; doing this again has given me great pleasure
and true joy.

My relationships with family members have also
and this makes me feel very good, as well.
It is good to be alive again and wake up with a smile
on my face!

"Sharon was born to teach" and has been so supportive
the entire time during the immersion package.  Sharon's
and meditations are amazing, kind,
thoughtful and loving; 
exactly what is needed.

I am totally amazed, thankful, grateful and appreciate
all that 
has happened with me through Sharon's
Immersion Package!

I gave myself permission to heal my wounds from the
past, and now I am whole again and at peace with

"Life is good!"  

Marie McLaughlin

Quit Worrying, Be Happy!


"Coming to Sharon for sessions and workshops have
made my life lighter, healthier, and more peaceful.

I’ve released a constant cough, improved my
hearing, and released a variety of aches and pains.

I love myself more, and I let it be OK to make mistakes,
want things, and be human. I used to think I wasn’t
supposed to love myself or want things, that that was
being selfish or vain. Now I allow myself to feel
and good about myself without having to
be perfect. I make being happy a priority.

I let myself be happy even when there are still
in my life or loved ones. I understand more
and more that I don’t help others by worrying or stressing
about them, and understand I don’t need to put off my
happiness until others have it all together or figured out.

I use to feel stressed during the holidays when family
came.Now things are very different, 
instead of feeling
I’m able to relax, allow others to help out instead
of doing it 
all alone, and I find I am really getting what
I wanted, enjoying 
being with my family
and spending
time with them.

More often I see the possibilities of the future instead of
worrying, and that has been such a gift to feel more relaxed
and expectant.

I have more peace about the eternalness of life. Dealing
with the death of loved ones has still brought temporary pain,
but is softer now, because I also have felt the beauty,
connection, and eternal relationship with my loved ones, as
Sharon would say, “ … in pure positive love and light.” So
I’m able to let go of dwelling in sadness or regrets,
my life, and be present for my loved ones here
on planet earth.

I highly recommend you sign-up for her Immersion
Program, it really can change your life, I’m so glad
I did."

Mariann Steen


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  Free Clarity

Be infused with unconditional
love, universal truths specific to you,
in a healing meditation

  • Release old baggage

  • Soak up positive suggestions

  • Leave with more clarity

  • Get your questions answered

Coming To Sharon Changed My Life:

"I initially came to Sharon...
to be less controlling and free
myself of expecting the worst.
Both habits brought fears
and anxieties that ...
stopped me from
enjoying ... life.

Leaving behind fears and
worries, especially about the
future, changed everything.
I love how it all came full
circle and other parts of
my life came together too.

Family relationships are
Instead of feeling
guilty, fearful
or critical, I
can support and love them
, with results of
feeling more peaceful and
having healthier boundaries.

I can go places and feel
comfortable with new
  Before I started
sessions and workshops
I didn’t socialize.
I felt socially awkward.
Now I am friendly and
spontaneous, have more
friends, and feel more
comfortable and free to
do what makes
me feel good.

I used to have and
with my body
and food.
By letting go of the fears
and judgments, I now
do more to take care of
myself, like walks

and working out at
the gym, and eating in
balance, plus I feel so
much better about myself.

Now, I don’t take things
so personally. For instance,
when family or anyone has
strong opinions I don’t
agree with, I can listen
to them without it affecting
my life negatively.
It is so freeing.

I don’t fixate and worry
about others choices
so much anymore.
And when I do, I use the tools
I’ve learned in sessions
and workshops to come
back to a good feeling place.

Now when life happens,
like unforeseen accidents
or unexpected events,
instead of it throwing me
into panic or a place
of suffering, I’ve proven
I can be peaceful,
really be supportive by
imagining good things, and
just know when to step
back, or move forward
with positive actions
that feel right to me.

Life can be so easy.
Life is easy, when you
let go of the worry, fear
and judgments.

I'd like to tell everyone,
sign-up for Sharon’s workshops
or do her immersion packages!

Life can be so different.
It is so worth investing
the time and money
on. I can’t even begin
to tell you how grateful
I am."

Donna Sevilla