Rave Reviews

Release fears, enjoy your present moments,
nurture, love & take care of yourself

"I initially came to Sharon in 2009 to be less controlling and
free myself of expecting the worst. Both habits brought
fears and anxieties that shadowed and stopped me from
appreciating and enjoying my life.

Leaving behind fears and worries, especially about the
future, changed everything. I love how it all came full circle
and other parts of my life came together too.

Family relationships are better. Instead of feeling guilty,
fearful or critical, I can support and love them instead, with
results of feeling more peaceful and having healthier

I can go places and feel comfortable with new people.
Before I started sessions and workshops I didn’t socialize.
I felt socially awkward. Now I am friendly and spontaneous,
have more friends, and feel more comfortable and free to
do what makes me feel good.

I used to have an uncomfortable relationship with my
body and food. By letting go of the fears and judgments,
I now do more to take care of myself, like walks and
working out at the gym, and eating in balance,
I feel so much better about myself.

Now, I don’t take things so personally. For instance, when
family or anyone has strong opinions I don’t agree with, I can
listen to them without it affecting my life negatively. It is so

I don’t fixate and worry about others choices so much
anymore. And when I do, I use the tools I’ve learned in
sessions and workshops to come back to a good feeling

Now when life happens, like unforeseen accidents or
unexpected events, instead of it throwing me into panic
or a place of suffering, I’ve proven I can be peaceful,
really be supportive by imagining good things, and just
know when to step back, or move forward with positive
actions that feel right to me.

In workshops, Sharon teaches tools so you can stay
on track.

Two of my favorites: “What If” tool- which I use to imagine
good things unfolding instead of expecting the worst to
happen, and the “... Appreciation” tool.- where instead of
looking to negatively judge I think about the good things in
my life.

Hypnosis is one of my favorite parts, it is so
relaxing and soothing, and the positive suggestions
just seep into your mind

I think the support we give each other [in retreats & workshops]
is transformational. By sharing our stories and focusing
together on creating a feel-good life, so much changes.

Life can be so easy. Life is easy when you let go of the worry,
fear and judgments.

I'd like to tell everyone, sign-up for Sharon’s workshops or
do her immersion packages!

Life can be so different. It is so worth investing the time and
money on. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am."

Donna Sevilla


Release past baggage, improve your life, feel the joy

 "…We talked to our daughter today and in the 29.7 years she
has been on this planet, I’ve never heard her more grounded,
more joy-filled, more relaxed, sensitive and ALIGNED. WOW.
We (She, my husband, and I) think the hypnosis was
transformational. "

M. Rich


Let go of stress, make better decisions, feel clear-minded

 "One of the most amazing gifts I have created in my life is you,
Sharon!! Thank you for the life-changing words you have given
me. I don’t even want to consider what my life would be like
right now had I not found you!! You’ve made me see clear and
that has helped me make better decisions. I am so happy for
all that I have… I am happy where I am… I love you!!"


Let go of the past, enjoy now, heal, and move forward

 "Hello Miss Sharon,Wow, I need to thank you for EVERYTHING..!
This week has been the BEST week ever and I don’t even know
why. I haven’t cried or given much thought to my ex. …Life has
put a smile on my face and I am so grateful for EVERYTHING.
I can’t send enough good karma your way! …”Thank You” for
helping my life move forward. I can’t help but brag about you
all the time. THANK YOU..!!!!! … Thanks again,"

Cortney Neilsen 

Lose weight, quit smoking, feel more awake & alive

" "When the student is ready" ... "the teacher will appear!"  I feel
like I have waited a very long time for Sharon to appear; my
husband and I sold our home in Florida and moved 2,700 miles
to Idaho and, she appeared!

Wow!!! The 3-month Immersion Package has been phenomenal
for me.  Although I have almost completed my package with
Sharon, I will take this new information with me and use it for the
rest of my life!

I have had many issues that Sharon helped me deal with;
quitting smoking, losing weight, living in the "now" and not in the
past or future.

I am also cooking and baking again which I hadn't done in two
years; doing this again has given me great pleasure and true joy. 

My relationships with family members have also improved and
this makes me feel very good, as well.  It is good to be alive
again and wake up with a smile on my face!

"Sharon was born to teach" and has been so supportive the
entire time during the immersion package.  Sharon's teachings
and meditations are amazing, kind, thoughtful and loving;
exactly what is needed.

I am totally amazed, thankful, grateful and appreciate all that has
happened to me through Sharon's Immersion Package!  I gave
myself permission to heal my wounds from the past, and now
I am whole again and at peace with myself! "Life is good!"

Marie McLaughlin 


Feel more alive, release bad habits, enjoy life, have
way more fun

I am into my second Three Month Immersion Package
and I am so grateful that I have gifted myself this therapy.

I continue to feel a positive shifting at my core and a release
from self-judgment: as a consequence the behaviors I judged
myself about are releasing too, like eating junk food, mind-
lessly watching TV, or procrastinating on projects, or putting
things off that were hanging over me.

I am doing things instead that feel good, like organizing
my kitchen cabinets, taking a sculpture class that I am
totally loving, exploring my city, going on joyful adventures
with my son, taking a mini-vacation with my husband... I have
more energy now doing what really feels good.

I am experiencing more and more joy in my life. Relation-
ships feel even better. More often, I don’t give my power away
to others,
but feel free to follow my inner guidance and do what
feels right to me. And more often, I feel more loved and beautiful,
regardless of others opinions.

I love the level of support Sharon gives in-between sessions.
You get over 20 supportive meditations on different topics
(insomnia, weight loss, releasing monkey mind, loving yourself,
improving your health...) for reinforcement and extra support;
plus, the additional personalized recordings that come from
sessions.When I was on an 11 hour overnight flight, I listened
again and again to the recordings
and felt so good when I
arrived at my destination.
..! "

Lynda Modaff

Let go of old patterns of thought, connect w/ inner peace

“Thank you for the time that you’ve spent with me helping
me to connect with my inner peace again. …… I’ve been
feeling great since we’ve been meeting together and I know
that I’m on the right path…”

B. Wegner

Accept yourself, improve your social life

"… I also want to remind you that last year my son indirectly
identified you as making the biggest difference (improvement)
in his social life, and I will never forget that. It was a true gift to
him and to me…. "

B. Johnson

Quit Bad Habits, And Change So Much More!

 “I am coming up on my 4 year anniversary of quitting
and subsequently, drinking alcohol.

 As I look back, I can see the changes in my life
since I first decided to see what Svenson
had to offer
, smoking cessation only being the tip of

the iceberg.

One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me in our
hypnosis sessions was the process of changing my
story to
change my life.  

When I would tell the story of  my life, it was from a
victim’s perspective and that is a negative place to be.
She dared me to change and stuck with me while
I fought the
process.  She dared me to say, ‘what if?’

The ‘what if’ has turned in to a Master Degree and a
teaching job working with
middle school students.
I know my positive expectations and perspective rubs

off on my students and continues to spread Sharon’s
message-along with a few Sharonisms I use regularly.

Every corner of my life has been improved and
keeps getting better…life is a journey and we are
never done.”

Cara Mosdale

Experience More Joy and Clarity

"I already feel like I got my super-duper ultra height session last night.
That was so great. It was the biggest SHIFT I’ve had in one fell swoop.
Mostly my ah-has after hypnosis unfolds throughout subsequent days,
but by the time I got home last night I was on cloud 9 with…
new awareness. With great appreciation for your wise coaching and



 …Lastly, and most importantly, I absolutely LOVE your workshop
and am
benefiting so much.

We are all very blessed to have a brilliant, loving “Esther” right here
in G.V. who empowers and guides us to joy, love, and inner peace.
I love how you walk your talk. You do not push against anything–you are
a rare bear, my friend…”

Marilyn Rich

"Sharon continuously brings acceptance, fun, beauty and fresh perspective
into my awareness. I am grateful for her wisdom and wonderful friendship.”

Leslie Emerson 

"... Finding the words to write something so life altering in just a few sentences
is hard for those of us who r literary-challenged. One thing I can put into words...
i feel good and that feels good. The hypnosis doesn't make the issue disappear,
or brush it under the proverbial carpet- instead, it creates a space free from fear
to open ur mind to possibilities. And when u explore possibilities that feel good-
its easier to head in that direction. And i know that if I ever need it, ur voice is
only a screen tap away!!

Cara Mosdale



Let go of judgments, focus on what you want, experience
massive improvements in your health

"I talked to ‘my friend’ today. She said she has been pain-free
since her session-she is just thrilled-and, so am I! Just wanted
you to know."

Carol Smith about Fibromyalgia Client

… Also had Physical Therapy this morning and my Physical
Therapist says from last week to this week my body is 50%
better. Last week it was 20% better and today 25%. Yeah! …
Thanks for your time. "

Idaho Client

 "… I’m so excited right now, I just got done working out for 35
minutes at the gym taking a dance class. The class is an hour-
long but I need to pace myself. I can’t THANK YOU enough for
changing my life and creating a better living environment
in my head. (smile) You truly are a healer! THANK YOU! …
Thanks again!"

C. N.


 "… I cannot adequately express my gratitude and blessings,
in which meeting and working with you has brought to me.
Your spirit and dedication is remarkable, humble, and peacefully
led. I am excited for your mentor-ship and help. It means more
than, again, I can express. May you be blessed seven fold!
I am excited... Thank you so much."

J. Manwell   (After our work together she was able to have her
pain pump in her body removed.)


"I have wonderful news …I had my blood tested back in the
beginning of March…It showed my muscle inflammation
was OFF the CHARTS! My doctor stated that I was …healthy
and there was no medical reason for the inflammation to be
so elevated since there wasn’t “technically” anything wrong
with me…So I was then referred to younot only am I healthier,
I can stand to be comfortable in my own skin…here comes
the numbers…back in March my elevation for the inflammation
in my body was 214…I had my blood tested yesterday to get
not only proof of your healing gift but to show my doctor
that things were dramatically improving…my number yesterday
was 162 and the normal for muscle elevation is 130! I WOULD

Cortney Nielsen

Release the pain of the past, get physical relief & supercharge your body's natural abilities to heal

 "I was diagnosed with Ankylosing
about eight years
ago and have been on many different
medications over the years.

I tried diets and herbs over
the years as well as
acupuncture. Nothing was
giving me relief except
the medication that left
me with stomach problems
and a drugged feeling.

Hypnosis changed my life
in a number of ways.

My objective was to help
relieve pain I was having
in my spine.

I started to see results after my
first visit.
As I continued the
results grew stronger
and stronger.

The first thing I noted I was
not thinking about the pain
so much. These were the
building blocks I needed to
progress away from an
‘incurable illness’.

Eventually, I was able to quit
taking most of the drugs we
thought I had to take
control the disease, as well
as quit the painkillers.

Being off the medications
is a huge leap forward,
having energy is priceless

Now I am back to work
for the first time in years doing
what I thought I would
never be able to do again.

If you have a strong mind, use it! "

Dan Wilson

Quit worrying, be happy!

Coming to Sharon for sessions
and workshops
have made
my life lighter, healthier,
and more peaceful.

I’ve released a constant
cough,improved my hearing,
and released a variety of
aches and pains.

I love myself more, and
I let it be OK to make
, want things,
and be human.
I used
to think I wasn’t suppose
to love myself or want things,
that that was being
selfish or vain. Now
I allow myself to feel
beautiful and good about
myself without having
to be perfect.  I make
being happy a priority.

I let myself be happy even
when there are still
challenges in my life
or loved ones. I understand
more and more that
I don’t help others by
worrying or stressing
about them, and understand
I don’t need to put
off my happiness until
others have it all
together or figured out.

I use to feel stressed
during the holidays
family came. Now things are
very different,
instead of
feeling anxious, I’m
able to relax,
others to help out instead
of doing it
all alone,
and I find I am really
getting what I wanted,
enjoying being with
my family
and spending
time with them.

More often I see the
possibilities of the future
instead of worrying
, and
that has been such a
gift to feel more relaxed
and expectant.

I have more peace about
the eternalness of life
Dealing with the death of
loved ones has still
brought temporary pain,
but is softer now, because
I also have felt the
beauty, connection, and
eternal relationship with
my loved ones,
Sharon would say,
“ … in pure positive
love and light.”
I’m able to let go
of dwelling in sadness
or regrets, enjoy my
life, and be present
for my loved ones here
on planet earth.

I highly recommend you
sign-up for her Immersion
Program, it really can
change your life,
I’m so glad I did.

Mariann Steen


Lose weight, love yourself,
feel inspired

"I am down 5 pounds now in about a week.
And I have been knocking off projects around the house that I have been putting off for months. Years even. Can’t figure it out. But I will use the CD and look forward to our next session. I seem to have derived more benefit than I might have expected from just one session."

J. Ledbetter


 "…. Things are going very well. I have lost about 10 pounds. I have changed my diet to more fruits and vegetables…Since I am much calmer ‘my husband’ is even more giving and sharing. I feel we are on a 2nd honeymoon. I believe my husband is starting to be influenced by my change of foods… We both go to the gym for a workout and swimming in the lap pool. I don’t push….. He has lost 2 pounds… I look forward to seeing you again…Love ya"

C. Goldberg


 "…We are in Santa Fe. I have been taking my walks in the cool morning air. I’m holding, easily, to my eating. …….. My energy level is very high and I am more even-tempered. I hope this is the new me. I feel so good! Looking forward to seeing you. "

Florida Client