Mastery of Joy Weight Loss Success Package

A journey of self-love, joy,

3,6,12 month options                           

In this nurturing empowering
you'll go through a
step by step proven 
for delivering results

What can you expect

Lose Weight

Experience a healthy relationship with food

Break free of binging or mindlessly eating

Pull up emotional roots that contribute to bad habits and weight gain

Release the stress, anxieties, and beliefs that weigh you down

Blow past willpower, take inspired actions, live your life more fully


Designed for those who want to lose

weight and walk away with healthy
patterns of thought and habits for

It is not a buns of steel, rock-hard abs,
or beach body in 30 days program.

We won't be focusing on diets, calorie
counting, or weighing yourself.

It is not designed to lose weight at
any cost.
The deep healing that takes place
from attending sessions and listening
to the daily meditations will result in
feeling more light, joyful and free with
lots of ripple effects in all areas of
your life.

Common sentiments clients
shared who have done
this package

I feel beautiful again and
comfortable with my body

What a relief to be free of
old childhood hurts, unkind
voices of the past, and others
opinions or damaging beliefs

Family relationships have
improved, my confidence and
self-esteem have rocketed up

 I didn't realize I was carrying
 so much guilt and shame,
 it's wonderful to be free of it

I know so much more is
possible, I no longer resign
myself to what others say ( it's:
my genes, menopause, childbirth,
slow metabolism, or destiny ...)

 I love understanding that
 getting slimmer isn't about
 deprivation, pain, and suffering.
 This has given me so much more
 then I could have imagined



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Courtney & Helen
share their Weight
Loss successes




Lynda wanted to lose
and make more
mindful choices

"...  I am so grateful that I
have gifted myself this

I continue to feel a
positive shifting at my
core and a release from

as a consequence the
behaviors I judged myself
about are releasing too,
like eating junk food, 
mindlessly watching TV,
or procrastinating 
projects, or putting
things off that were

hanging over me.

I am doing things
instead that feel good,
like organizing my kitchen
cabinets, taking a sculpture
class that I am totally loving,
exploring my city, going

on joyful adventures with
my son, taking a mini-
vacation with my husband
... I have more energy now
doing what really feels good.

I am experiencing more
and more joy in 
my life.
Relationships feel even

More often, I don’t give
my power away to others,
but feel free to follow my
inner guidance and do

what feels right to me.
And more often, I feel
more loved and
beautiful, regardless
of others 

I love the level of support
Sharon gives in-between
sessions for reinforcement
and extra support; ... plus,
the additional personalized

recordings that come from

When I was on an 11 hour
overnight flight, I listened
again and again to the
recordings and felt so
good when I arrived at
my destination...! "

Lynda Modaff
Los Angeles, CA

"I am down 5 pounds now
in about a week.

... I have been knocking off
projects around the house
that I have been putting off
for months. Years even...

I ... have derived more benefit
than I ... expected from just one

Jaque Ledbetter
Garden Valley, ID

 "…. I have lost about 10
pounds. I have changed my
diet to more fruits and

I am much calmer ‘my
husband’ is even more giving
and sharing.

I feel we are on a 2nd
honeymoon. I believe my
husband is starting to be
influenced by my change
of foods…

We both go to the gym for
a workout and swimming in
the lap pool. I don’t push…
He has lost 2 pounds… luv

Cheryl Goldberg