Letting Go Gift

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Leave behind limiting mind
sabotaging beliefs,
past stories,
old hurts with
this powerful 
tool for

Let Go

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Let Go

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"...This morning I listened to the meditation...


It took me everywhere. Sacred thoughts
about my physical body.

Gentleness with how I choose my 
I felt uplifted after listening
to it...

Very complete, it spoke deeply to me.
I felt fully engaged in all you said ..."  

Joanne Sapers 


This meditation is often the first step
in my Mastery of Joy programs and
has positively changed 100's of
clients lives.

It is designed to help relieve
immediate worry and stress, support 
you in freeing yourself from past
stories, limiting beliefs, old hurts,
and pains.

From an open and allowing mindset,
we say "yes" to ourselves, "no" to
what doesn't serve us, and welcome
in support, love, and abundance.

Listen again and again to keep
releasing and compound positive
changes and results.

Weight Loss

Helen and Courtney share
how they effortlessly lost 
weight and started to
do more engaging
active things. 

For Helen, it was taking
hikes to beautiful

Courtney became
a gym member
and learned to
belly dance
and do fire poi.


Mental Health

Helen's husband died suddenly
and she was struggling.

Courtney had a drug-addicted
husband and so many
other challenges.

Listen to how despite
these challenges
they found their
joy again and
 the many positive 
changes that

Angele shares
how she attracted
more prosperity
and joy.

She talks about
what a relief it was
to stop fixating
 on her worries
and fears. 

And instead

relax, and
enjoy life!

She got more
new clients, and was
charging the highest
she'd ever charged 

"... so many fears...
I was focusing on

"What might happen?"

"How am I going to
get out of this?" ...

You made something
fearful to me
so simple and

easy to address ..."




Benefits of Letting Go

More Energy

Bad Habits Fall Away

Relationships Improve

Sleep Is Blissful

Health Improves

Your Dominant
Experience Is Peace