Follow Your Joy- Be more Successful, Happy, Healthy -Achieve Goals- Live Your Dreams

Relax into your health, well-being, and success
Use the most powerful tool available to humankind,


Unlike many other programs, it is not filled
with homework and more things to add to
your to-do list.

You make time for the sessions and listen
to a personalized hypnosis recording every

The beauty is, you can easily fit the daily
guided meditations into your life. The part
I talk to, the subconscious mind and what
I call your Inner Guidance or Higher Self,
is always awake.

By taking time for sessions and meditations
you'll find you're more efficient, productive,
brilliant, and have more energy because it
infuses you with feelings of feeling safe,
supported and loved, a centered peaceful
place to joyfully walk forward with


Fall asleep to one at night. Many clients say
it helps them fall asleep quickly & gives them
beautiful vivid dreams.

Take a restorative nap, a perfect way to wash
away stress & infuse your day with love & 

Wake up a bit earlier before you're awake,
my favorite, and fall asleep or relax to a
meditation, a beautiful way to start the day
and get the joyful momentum going.


You'll have a variety of guided meditations
at different lengths, possibly as short as
2-3 minutes for extra support and loving,
to some deep healing ones as long as 90
minutes. I personalize the lengths to fit
into your life.

Choose from a variety of areas you desire
to focus in on. 
3, 6, and 12-month packages

Health Improvement & Pain Issues 

Mental Well-Being

Bad Habits & Addictions

Weight Loss, Self-Care & Love

Success, Goals & Big Dreams

Mastery Of Joy Packages
Mix and match. 3, 6 & 12- Month Packages
Saturating You With Love. Relaxing Into Your Well-Being

Achieve Dreams

Let go of limited mindsets: money ceilings, made
up limiting beliefs about your abilities and 
what is
possible. Release judgments that hold you back
and take away the fun. Access infinite intelligence,
with the Universe, let clarity lead the way.  


Weight Loss, Self-Love & Care

Rev up the metabolism, let go of bad habits,
release reasons for the extra weight 
or beliefs
that work against you. Learn to love yourself 
truly bless yourself with choices that make you
engaged, alive, and joyful. 

Bad Habits & Addictions

Addresses- overspending, watching too 
much TV,
junk food or sugar addictions, smoking, drinking
too much, getting lost in social media...

Meet your real needs 
and desires in
empowering healthy ways that bring joy to
your life. Imagine being free of guilt, shame,
empty or lack feelings, and feeling
purposeful and 
connected instead.

Improve Your Health

Supercharge your body's healing

abilities, release the stress that turns off
your body's healing 
powers, give your
body the message of vitality, youthfulness,

wholeness & well-being.

Mental Well-Being and, or Physical Comfort

Change the worries, 
anxieties, fears, panic,
and depressions into guidance, clarity,

and feeling good. Imagine the more
dominant experience 
being a sense of
well-being and joy.

Turn physical pain into relief. 
Let go of
stored tensions, learn 
self-hypnosis to
relax and release the tightness. Release
patterns of fears, like expecting the pain
to continue and t
urn around patterns of
stress and discomfort.

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Want to experience a session first?

Or think you have an issue that might be
addressed in one or two sessions?

Explore my

90-minute session option


Tap into the power of
your mind, experience
physical relief & healing

 "I was diagnosed with
Ankylosing Spondylitis
about eight years ago
and have been on many
different medications over
the years.

I tried diets and herbs
over the years as
well as 
Nothing was giving
me relief except
the medication that
left me with stomach
problems and a
drugged feeling.

Hypnosis changed my
in a number of

My objective was to help
relieve pain I was having
in my spine.

I started to see results
after my first visit.

As I continued the
results grew stronger
and stronger.

The first thing I noted I
was not thinking about
the pain so much. These
were the building blocks
I needed to progress
away from an
‘incurable illness’.

Eventually, I was able
to quit taking most of
the drugs we thought
I had to take
to control
the disease, as well as
quit the painkillers.

Being off the medications
is a huge leap forward,
having energy is

Now I am back to work
for the first time in
doing what I
thought I would never
be able to do again.

If you have a strong
mind, use it! "

Dan Wilson
Garden Valley, ID

Love yourself- lose
weight & be inspired

"I am down 5 pounds
now in about a week.

And I have been
knocking off projects
around the house that
I have been putting
off for months
. Years
even. Can’t figure it
out. But I will use the
CD and look forward
to our next session. I
seem to have derived
more benefit than
I might have expected
from just one session."

Jaque Ledbetter
Garden Valley, ID

 Love yourself- follow
your inner-guidance,
inspire others

 "…. Things are going very
well. I have lost about
10 pounds. I have
changed my diet to
more fruits and
I am much calmer
‘my husband’ is even
more giving and sharing.
I feel we are on a 2nd
honeymoon. I believe
my husband is starting
to be influenced by
my change of foods…

We both go to the gym
for a workout and
swimming in the lap
pool. I don’t push…..
He has lost 2 pounds…

I look forward to seeing
you again…Love ya"

Cheryl Goldberg

When you feel good,
life is easy

 "…We are in Santa Fe. I
have been taking my
walks in the cool
morning air.
holding, easily, to my
eating. …….. My energy
level is very high and
I am more even-tempered.


I feel so good! Looking
forward to seeing you
. "

Cheryl Goldberg

You are a wise, joyful soul


Sharon helped me let
go of ... stories I
told myself about me,
from the perspective
of my abusive

Sharon also helped my son.
My son has chronic pain.
So much of our pain is
self-imposed. By
allowing our mind to
come back to the joyous
and playful state, we
allow healing in

Thank you, Sharon, for
the gifts you bestow on
the world and the ways
in which you have touched
the lives of me and
my son."

Carol Williams, EpS
Productivity Coach

Let go and remember
amazing wise
you are 

 "... Sharon opened up a new
level in my journey.  I
appreciated her conviction
in my ability to let go
of beliefs that were not
serving me. I loved her
sense of humor that helped
me stop being so hard
on myself so I could find
the bigger picture...

 I strongly recommend Sharon
if you want to reach new
levels of personal growth... ” 


-- Devora Gila Berkowitz,
Transformation Coach