Follow The Joy- Be Happier, Healthier, More Abundant,Live Your Dream Life


When you let go of the worries, fears, old hurts,
and beliefs that work against you,
and feel good
instead, life begins to feel magical

-   Creativity flows, inspiration comes

-   You feel alive, motivated, joyful

-   Health improves, the body is
    more comfortable

-   Relationships get better

-   You achieve your goals & dreams

-   And best of all you feel good in the
    now moments!

Deceivingly Simple But:

Even if you are a positive-minded soul
it can be hard to change negative patterns
of thought, especially in areas of life you
want the reality to be radically different

You can know you don't want the past 
or fears to dictate your future, but not
always know how to let go and create
the new reality you want

Life can get messy, sick kids, ailing
parents, and endless to-do list, work
problems- staying centered and
peaceful can be challenging


Imagine being able to go to joy more consistently,
and as easy and fast as changing the channel on
a radio station, even during the messy and 
challenging times in your life? 

Take the first step, and enjoy my free "Letting Go"
meditation. Sign-up to the right. With each
listening, more release will come, and positive
changes will compound.

I'm Sharon Svenson, a Law of Attraction

Coach, foundational mindset expert, &
hypnotist. I help clients lead healthier, more
joyful, prosperous lives by mastering the
ability to go to joy, no matter what. In my
own life, I have overcome depression, health
issues, and a poverty mindset, with the
results of more fun, goals accomplished,
prosperity, and dreams enjoyed!

Let me support you

-   Change limited beliefs, overwhelm,
    procrastination into inspired actions,
    dreams & goals achieved

 -  Turn fears, anxieties, depression,
    stress, into well-being & peace

-  Relax your mind & body, & 
   awaken your natural healing

-  Transform addictions & bad habits
   into self-care, love, & wisdom



I use my intuitive skills, and hypnosis, one of the most
tools for positive transformation known to
to help you turn around negative thinking,
release limited beliefs 
and old realities, and live a
healthier, more joyful abundant life 


I meet with clients by phone, Zoom, and In-office

- Mastery of JoPackages

Work with me privately in a 3, 6, or 12-month package.

Mental Well-Being, Health & Pain Issues,
Bad Habits & Addictions, Success &
Abundance, Weight Loss Issues.

- Live My Dreams Online MasterMind Group

Join this group for entrepreneurs, coaches, and
healers to stay positively focused and embrace
the foundational mindset that allows you to
thrive and prosper.

-Individual Sessions

For phobias, or other issues that can be
addressed quickly. Also, perfect for those who
want to experience what I offer for the first
time, and for 
clients who have done my
workshops and sessions and just want
to reinforce the work we've done and
take things further.



Testimonial for Sharon's Mastery of Joy

 3- Month Package

" Wow!!! The 3-month Immersion Package has
been phenomenal ... 
I will take this new information
with me & use it for the 
rest of my life!

I ... had many issues ... Sharon helped me ... with
quitting smoking, losing weight, living in the
"now" ...

My relationships with family members have ...
improved ...

It is good to be alive again and wake up with a
smile on my face! 

... I am totally amazed, thankful, grateful &
appreciate all that has 
happened to me
through Sharon's ... Package! ... 

I am whole again & at peace with myself!
"Life is good!" 

Marie McLaughlin 
Garden Valley, Idaho


With hypnosis the potential for
new realities are


My most popular
recording, and
free gift to you

LET GO, & Allow


  clear old hurts,
past stories, & limited

  make room for
joy & new realities


Sign-up and receive
"Let Go, & Allow", plus
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Quit worrying, be happy!

... sessions
and workshops
have made
my life lighter, healthier,
and more peaceful.

I’ve released a constant
cough,improved my hearing,
and released ...
aches and pains.

I love myself more, and
I let it be OK to make
, want things,
and be human.

I allow myself to feel
beautiful and good about
myself without having
to be perfect.  I make
being happy a priority.

I let myself be happy even
when there are still
challenges in my life
or loved ones...

I don’t need to put
off my happiness until
others have it all
together or figured out.

I use to feel stressed
instead of
feeling anxious, I’m
able to relax...

... I see the
possibilities of the future
instead of worrying
... such a
gift to feel more relaxed
and expectant.

I highly recommend you
sign-up for her Immersion
Program, it really can
change your life,
I’m so glad I did.

Mariann Steen
Boise, Idaho


Letting Go of past baggage
& what you can't control

Leaving behind fears and
worries... changed everything...

Family relationships are better.
Instead of feeling guilty, fearful
or critical, I ... support and
love them...results
... more peaceful and
... healthier boundaries.

I used to have an uncomfortable
relationship with my body
and food. By letting go of
... fears and judgments,
I ... do more to take
care of myself, like walks
and working out at
the gym,... eating in
balance, ...

Now, I don’t take things
so personally...

I don’t fixate and worry
about others choices
... I use the tools
I’ve learned in sessions
and workshops to come
back to a good feeling place.

... when life happens,
like unforeseen accidents
or unexpected events,
instead of it throwing me
into panic or a place
of suffering, I’ve proven
I can be peaceful,
 and...know when to step
back, or move forward
with positive actions
that feel right to me.

Life can be so easy.
Life is easy, when you
let go of the worry, fear
and judgments.

I'd like to tell everyone,
sign-up for Sharon’s workshops
or do her immersion packages!

Life can be so different.
It is so worth investing
the time and money
on. I can’t even begin
to tell you how grateful
I am."

Donna Sevilla
Garden Valley, Idaho


Improve Your Health, By Releasing Resistance

 "… I cannot adequately
express my gratitude and
in which meeting
and working with you
has brought to me.

Your spirit and dedication
is remarkable, humble,
and peacefully led. I
am excited for your
mentor-ship and help.
It means more than, again,
I can express. May you
be blessed sevenfold!
I am excited...

Thank you so much."

Jocelyn Manwell 
Boise, Idaho

  After our work together she
was able to have her

pain pump in her body