Day Winter Retreat- Details coming

Past Retreat:

Women's Retreat October 6th-9th-Live a guided intuitive life

Imagine taking time out just for you, gifting yourself this beautiful
nurturing and healing time in this lovely serene setting.

You'll be hanging out in the cozy cabin below, over looking the
South Fork of the Payette in a private wooded setting.

  Views from the deck

  • Take your intuition & guidance to a whole new level
  • Let go of resistance, old baggage, & limiting beliefs
  • Support & give support to other like minded souls
  • Experience more physical comfort or healing

You aren't meant to go it alone, there is a whole another level of support
you can tap into.

You'll be led in energy infused guided meditations- a conducive state for
quickly letting go of resistance, old baggage & limiting beliefs. You'll open
the door to new possibilities.

My promise, it will be a safe, nurturing environment of unconditional
where you can move forward in a way that's perfect & right
for you.

You'll have the opportunity to develop your gifts & abilities and learn

tools to take things much further on your own.

- 8 Mastery of Joy Workshops

- optional hikes in the mountains in the mornings

- optional restoration yoga offered before bedtime

- a private performance of fire dancing under the stars

- free of the internet and other distractions

- communing with other like-minded souls

Rustic but comfy


Check-in October 6th @ 11 am
Check-out October 9th @ 11 am

Breakfast Provided. Lunch & Dinner Potluck. Local Grocery Store.
Quaint Country town close by with shopping & dining. Cabin has
full kitchen, a outdoor grill & two bathrooms.


Transformation can
be joyful!

I recently attended Sharon’s Three Day Transformational Retreat. It was the perfect compliment to our work together, and instilled the positive mindsets from our sessions. The combined energies and love in our group felt fun, powerful, and transformative.The location was beautiful and relaxing. I can't wait to go again! 

Lynda Modaff

Quit worrying, be happy,
Connect With Broader Perspective

I let myself be happy even
when there are still
challenges in my life
or loved ones. I understand
more and more that
I don’t help others by
worrying or stressing
about them, and understand
I don’t need to put
off my happiness until
others have it all
together or figured out...

More often I see the
possibilities of the future
instead of worrying
, and
that has been such a
gift to feel more relaxed
and expectant...

I have more peace about
the eternalness of life
Dealing with the death of
loved ones has still
brought temporary pain,
but is softer now, because
I also have felt the
beauty, connection, and
eternal relationship with
my loved ones,
Sharon would say,
“ … in pure positive
love and light.”
I’m able to let go
of dwelling in sadness
or regrets, enjoy my
life, and be present
for my loved ones here
on planet earth.

I highly recommend you
sign-up ... it really can
change your life,
I’m so glad I did.

Mariann Steen