A simple fun game to feel good right now!


Choose your beliefs by how they make you feel.
A life changing game to create miracles in your life

I love exploring different techniques, games and
exercises that might open the door for clients in
more effective and powerful ways, to help accelerate
the transformations and life changes they desire.

'Choose your beliefs by how they make you feel.'
is one of my favorite games. I find that by playing the
game, clients start to connect how their negative beliefs
hold them back from what they desire; and begin to get
how life changing a positive belief can be.The more they
play it, the more they prove to themselves they really
can let go of the beliefs that aren't working and pick new
ones that do.Stubbornness and ego are left behind
and beliefs that seemed immutable transform to

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How does it work? Take whatever beliefs feel good to you.
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Maybe the above scenario of a Universal Store of
Unlimited Beliefs sounds wild and far fetched; but
with an open-mind and lots of practice you really
can choose beliefs that create miracles in your life.
I invite you to explore the life changing possibility
of being able to choose beliefs, just like you would
your grocery items at a grocery store, picking out
items based on your preferences, goals and desires.

Choose your beliefs by how they make you feel.
A life changing game to create miracles in your life.

We start with the premise that we all want the same things:
to enjoy life,to have life go well for us, to feel comfortable
in our bodies and peaceful in our minds.

Then, let the game begin.


     First identify a belief that isn't working.

How can you tell a belief isn't serving you? You aren't
getting positive results from it, and by the negative emotion
it elicits.

Example of a belief that isn't serving you: 'As we grow
older our health fails.'

Emotions resulting from this belief would be feelings of
hopelessness and fear, emotions that don't inspire positive
actions.If we feel hopeless or fearful why bother trying?

Don't fool yourself by thinking that just because the belief
feels true or familiar that it's unchangeable.

When you take the time to reflect on evidence from your
life proving these beliefs are not serving you, letting go of
them feels logical and safe.

Your mind is made to learn. A natural part of learning is
letting go of beliefs and patterns of thought that don't work
and incorporating new beliefs and thought patterns that do.

     Pick a different belief that if you believed it, would
     feel good.

An example might be 'my body has the ability to heal.'

At first most clients answer but I don't believe it. "That's OK."
I say "The question isn't do you believe this?but,if you did
believe it how would it make you feel?"

They might say "If I believed 'my body had the ability to heal',
it would give me comfort and hope. I guess from a place of
hope I'd feel encouraged to seek answers or take positive
actions.I guess this belief could serve me better.

Then I ask the client to go ahead and imagine they did believe
the belief,and imagine the feelings of comfort and hope.

The mind can't tell the difference between what is imagined
and what is real.So if you imagine feeling peaceful you fool
yourself into believing you are peaceful, and guess what
you become peaceful.


Real life examples:

By changing my belief I was able to be present and joyful

A common belief 'we can't change beliefs, that's just the
way it is.'

Recently my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby. There
were medical complications and she was induced. One of
my thoughts before her labor: I'm scared for my grandchild
and daughter. As soon as the thought cropped up I'd ask
how does that thought make you feel? Answer, scared. What
would you like to believe? I'd like to believe that everything
turns out alright.

I made a guided meditation for myself. I imagined angelic
beings surrounding the child and my daughter, and I
imagined the birthing room filled with joyful, peaceful, and
healthy energy. I imagined my daughter at home enjoying her
new child and a sense of well-being for the whole family.
It brought me soothing, relief, peace, and positive
expectations and allowed me to enjoy the now moments
along the way and be present with my other grand-
daughter as we awaited the birth of her sister.

This relaxed meditative state allowed a quick release of
my fears and was an open receptive state for soaking up
the positive affirmations. I listened to it again and again to
reinforce the new patterns of thought I desired.Listening
to soothing music, doing a relaxing activity or breath
work while stating the desired beliefs can be effective

Choose a belief that works for you. Believing in angelic
beings might be too far-fetched for you, but hey, it worked
for me.Maybe you believe in science and you read a
statistic that 90 percent of the women who have this
condition go on to deliver healthy babies.It doesn't matter
if angelic beings are real or if the statistic is true. What
matters is does this belief make you feel better right now.


By changing her beliefs her health dramatically improved

A common belief 'we need to choose beliefs by what is
true or based on past or present reality.'

I had a client who believed as we age, our health
deteriorates.This belief made her feel scared and frightened
of the future; but she had ample evidence of this from serious
health issues she was experiencing and the majority of her
peers were in agreement and had confirmed her belief
with their ever increasing issues.

I asked "Are you open to the belief that 'as you grow older,
your body becomes more comfortable and healthy?' " "But
that's not true," she replied. "What if you did believe it? How
would that feel?" I asked. "Well ... good," she hesitantly
replied, "...but 'everyone knows you fall apart as you age.' "

Even if 9 out of 10 doctors recommend a belief, or the
majority of the population holds it as true, being willing to
choose beliefs that make you feel good are what will serve
your life.

In our sessions we explored what beliefs were serving her
life, and what beliefs weren't. As she selectively let go of
thought patterns that made her feel fearful, and chose
beliefs that made her feel good, miracles happened.

During our time together she released fibromyalgia,
allergies, neck pain; a skin and nerve condition started
to heal; and her heart healed to a point where it was
functioning close to normal capacity.


New beliefs led to peace, solutions and answers

A common fear is 'what if I end up being disappointed
because the belief doesn't come true?'

I had a client who felt desperate and panicky because
her spouse was in crisis and needed immediate help. She
was consumed by fear,dread and panic, leading to emotional
paralysis. A relative offered to pay for 3 months of rehabilitation
and pay rent and other expenses to see her family through.
My client felt incredible relief and peace.The relative didn't
come through but the peace and relief she experienced served
her well and had given her a week of relief. In a workshop she
allowed the relief and peace to stay by choosing the belief,
'answers can come in different ways'. Answers and solutions
did unfold in ways she couldn't have guessed.

Trust things will sort themselves out.Let the belief do it's
magic in the now moment by bringing you peace.From a place
of optimism and well-being,creativity flows, and we are open
to seeing solutions and answers.From a place of fear, thinking
is cloudy, and we notice other looming problems, or we feel
paralyzed  and mentally and physically drained.


By letting go, she felt renewed energy and confidence

A common concern 'what if I pick a belief that feels good
and ignore actions I should have taken?'

I had a client who felt overwhelmed by the responsibility
of caring for three young kids. She thought that to be a good
parent she had to focus on the children's faults so she could
fix them.This belief was reinforced by teachers and extended
family. This left her feeling pressured, stressed,short- fused,
and low energy. In sessions we explored different beliefs that
might bring her peace.She chose these: 'My kids are lovable,
gifted and unique, and I'm a lovable, capable parent who
continues to learn as I go along the way.' By allowing her self
to focus on her kids in a positive way, issues and problems
came into perspective.With the new beliefs came beautiful
changes. She had renewed energy, found creative solutions
to problems, and felt a re-connection with her self-esteem
and confidence.


Don't beat yourself up for having beliefs that aren't working.
You're in good company; welcome to the human race!We all
do the best we can from where we're at. Come with a
beginner's mind, explore and experiment, and try it out for
yourself.Start with beliefs that don't feel too outlandish to you,
then have fun building from there.