There are no limitations, just limited stories

You've come to the right place if you

  • want to feel more alive, connected,
    and in love with yourself and life

  • crave more satisfaction, fulfillment,
    and a purposeful happy life

  • want to mindfully choose thoughts
    that create conditions within for
    physical comfort and healing

  • are ready to leave behind old
    realities and attachments to beliefs
    that don't work and cause pain
    and unwanted conditions

Are you ready to move
forward with ease,
lightness, and joy? 


We can all use extra help

You can be a positive soul and thrive
in different parts of your life, but still

We can be so up close and personal it
can be hard to have an objective

Or because we have thought the same
way for so long, it can be hard to
move past our ruts


-an event, like a death, divorce,
a chronic illness, diagnosis of cancer,
or a financial crisis has thrown you
into a negative tailspin

-an addiction or bad habit, or just
the struggles of  daily life have gotten
a hopeless mentality in motion

-a condition you've lived with for 
so long seems unchangeable

Our thoughts can improve our
raise our happiness,
lead to better 
and result in goals and

dreams achieved

I use my intuitive skills to help
you tap into your inner guidance.

I guide you to higher truths that
awaken your wisdom and bring
your knowledge to your aware-

I use the most potent tools
available to humanity, hypnosis
and meditation, to help you melt
your fears and resistance
and tap into your brilliance, 
healing powers and potential

I work with clients online, by
phone and in-person

Let me support you in your

  • Mental Well-Being

  • Health Improvement & Pain Issues

  • Bad Habits & Addictions

  • WeightLoss, Self-Care & Love

  • Relationships

  • Success, Goals & Big Dreams

  • Explorations & Higher States 


Testimonial for
Mastery of Joy Package


"I was diagnosed with
Ankylosing Spondylitis
about eight years ago 
and have been on many
different medications over
the years.

I tried diets and herbs
over the years as
well as acupuncture. 

Nothing was giving
me relief except
the medication that
left me with stomach
problems and a
drugged feeling.

Hypnosis changed my
life in a number of 

My objective was to help
relieve pain I was having
in my spine.

I started to see results
after my first visit.

As I continued the
results grew stronger
and stronger.

The first thing I noted I 
was not thinking about
the pain so much. These
were the building blocks
I needed to progress
away from an
 ‘incurable illness’.

Eventually, I was able
to quit taking most of 
the drugs we thought
I had to take to control
the disease, as well as 
quit the painkillers.

Being off the medications
is a huge leap forward,
having energy is

Now I am back to work
 for the first time in
years doing what I
thought I would never
be able to do again ...


Dan Wilson
Garden Valley, ID  


Photos by Kari Greer @

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Andrea talks about how supportive 
Sharon's recording Go Deep With Sleep
has been in blessing her with a good
night's sleep


"... Wow!!! The ...
[Mastery Of Joy] Package
has been phenomenal
for me.
... I will take this new
information with me and
use it for the rest of my

...  Sharon helped me
deal with; quitting 
smoking, losing weight,
living in 
the "now" ...

I am... cooking and
baking again which I
hadn't done in two
years; doing this again
has given me great

pleasure and true

My relationships with
family members have
...  improved and this
makes me feel very
good, as well.

It is good to be alive
again and wake up
with a smile on my

"Sharon was born to
teach" and has been
so supportive the
entire time during
the ... package.

Sharon's teachings
and meditations are

amazing, kind, thought-
ful and loving; exactly

what is needed.

I am totally amazed,
thankful, grateful
and appreciate all
that has happened
with me through
Sharon's ... Package!

I gave myself
to heal
my wounds 
from the
  and now I am
whole again 
and at
peace with

"Life is good!"


Marie McLaughlin 
Garden Valley, ID


Photo by Kari Greer

"I have wonderful news …
I had my blood tested …
It showed my muscle
inflammation was
I was then referred
to you…

not only am I healthier,
I can stand to be
able in my own

here comes the number…
I had my blood tested
yesterday to get
... proof of your
healing gift ...

[to] show my doctor that
things were

my number yesterday
162 and the normal
muscle elevation is


Thank you for

Cortney Nielsen
Boise, Idaho

Audio Testimonial
series 2019

Audio Testimonial Series

Lisa was drinking all day
long, hiding bottles, sneaking
drinks. Her boyfriend had 
threatened to kick her out.
She lost her job because
she was drunk at work.
And she could no longer
drive because of a DUI ...

She was in a very low place
in her life...

Listen to the miraculous
changes that unfolded for
her during the year and 
a half I worked with her.

Mental and Physical Health

Full Audio Testimonial Series

The Power Is
Within You

“I am coming up
on my 4 year
of quitting
smoking, and
drinking alcohol.

As I look back, I
can see the changes
in my life since
I first decided
to see what Svenson
Hypnosis had to offer,
smoking cessation
only being the tip of
the iceberg.

One of the most
powerful tools Sharon
gave me in our hypnosis
sessions was the process
of changing my story to
change my life.

When I would tell
the story of my
life,  it was from a
victim’s perspective
and that is a
negative place
to be.

 She dared me to
change and stuck
with me while I
fought the process.
She dared me to
say, ‘what if?’  The
‘what if’ has turned in
to a Master Degree
and a teaching job
working with
middle school

 I know my positive
expectations and
perspective rubs off
on my students and
continues to
spread Sharon’s
with a few
I use regularly.
Every corner of
my life has been
improved and
keeps getting
better … life is a
journey and we
are never done.” 

Cara Mosedale
Lake Tahoe, CA