Are you a positive soul who knows in every fiber of your being you were meant for so much more?

Do you believe in infinite possibilities?

Turn challenges into the evolution & beauty
they call you towards!

-  Discover your mind's natural tools to turn
   around fears, anxieties, & stress into well-
   being & peace

-  Supercharge your body's healing abilities,
   improve your health, or be free of symptoms

-  Turn on your power of relaxation, so pain
    melts to comfort 

-  Change addictions or bad habits into self-
   care, love & wisdom

-  Release limited beliefs, live your dreams,
   accomplish your goals, write the book,
   create a thriving business, raise your

   money ceiling, lose weight, 

-  Live the authentic, expansive life you came
   to live, filled with more joy, playfulness,
   curiosity & aliveness!

Melt away resistance, soak up higher truths,
create new realities with
 the most powerful
tool available to humankind for

With hypnosis the potential for new realities is

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-   old hurts and past stories can weigh us down

-   limited beliefs can stop us from living our dreams
    and close the door to so much more

-   fears & stress can lead to overwhelm &
    procastination, and more fears and stress

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Live bigger, more freely, more joyfully! The
way you were meant to live!



Mastery of Joy Packages, Products & Retreats,
to follow the joy, & relax into your desires,
goals & dreams!


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         I meet with clients by phone, internet & in-office

         Retreats take place in beautiful Garden Valley, ID

 " Wow!!! The 3-month Immersion Package has
been phenomenal ... 
I will take this new information
with me & use it for the 
rest of my life!

I ... had many issues ... Sharon helped me ... with
quitting smoking, losing weight, living in the
"now" ...

My relationships with family members have ...
improved ...

It is good to be alive again and wake up with a
smile on my face! 

... I am totally amazed, thankful, grateful &
appreciate all that has 
happened to me
through Sharon's ... Package! ... 

I am whole again & at peace with myself!
"Life is good!" 

Marie McLaughlin 


Make Way For Dreams
free energy infused
Letting Go 

Release the clutter, old
baggage & limited beliefs
that crowd out your 
dreams & stop you
from achieving
your goals

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"...This morning I listened

to the meditation... 


It took me everywhere.

Sacred thoughts about
my physical body.

Gentleness with how
I choose my 

I felt uplifted after listening
to it...

Very complete, it spoke deeply
to me. I felt fully engaged in
all you said

Joanne Sapers 

Focus on the possibilities, follow your joy, tap into what you really want!

"... One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me ... was the process of changing my story to change my life...

She dared me to change ... dared me to say, ‘what if?’

The ‘what if’ ... turned in to a Master Degree ... a teaching job working with middle school students. I know my positive expectations and perspective rubs off on my students ...

Every corner of my life has been improved ..."

Cara Mosdale

Let go of others limited beliefs about you and create your own life

" entire adult life was based ... around ... one ... thought: I was worthless.

It ... began to change when I went to see a hypnotherapist...she told me over and over again how wonderful I am.

She encouraged my writing, the changes I needed to make, ... gave me a new belief in myself ...

I have ... learned that I am a contributing, amazing woman to this world...

It is time to let go of the negative and replace it with love..."

Shannon Thornbrugh 

Let go of fears & anxieties, feel physical relief
"… my Physical Therapist says from last week to this week my body is 50% better  ... "

Cortney Neilsen