Are you a positive soul who knows, in every fiber of your being you were meant for so much more?

Limited mind-set, sabotaging beliefs, & past stories
can be our worst enemies. They stop dreams, tire us,
add stress, compromise our health, hold us back,
& can keep us stuck

-  Stop the old voices of judgment, like I'm not good
   enough, I don't have what it takes ...

-  Delete the negative trains of worrying, fixating on
   past wrongs, getting mired down in fears

-  Turn off limited beliefs, like I don't know how, I need
   to know more, I don't have the will power ...

-  Soothe the savage gremlins, get them on your team,
   turn procrastination into inspiration;
overwhelm into
   clarity, anxietes into joy...

Live a joyful connected life, accomplish goals & dreams,
be your authentic self, be more creative & playful along
the way

-  Bad habits can transform to self-care & love. Exercise
    instead of over-eating. Work on projects instead
    of getting lost in social media or TV binge watching 

-  Feel it as if your goal is already done, inspired
   to move forward, write the book create or expand
   your business, learn something new, have
   adventures, lose weight

-  Savor the journey, love what you're doing, have
fun with friends, follow your passion & joy, bring
   more creativity into your life


Make room for your dreams, let go of what doesn't serve
you. Sign-up to the right for one of the most powerful tools
available today, meditation. Leave behind old stories &
baggage, melt away the resistance, create new realities,
& live an engaging joyful life!


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Lose weight, love yourself, feel inspired

"I am down 5 pounds now in about a week.
And I have been
knocking off projects around the house that I have been putting
off for months
. Years even...I seem to have derived more benefit
I might have expected from just one session..."

J. Ledbetter

Quit worrying, be happy!

"... Coming to Sharon for sessions and workshops
made my life lighter, healthier, and more peaceful.

I’ve released a constant cough,improved my hearing,
and released a variety of aches and pains.

I love myself more, and I let it be OK to make mistakes,
want things, and be human. I used to think I wasn’t suppose
to love myself or want things,that that was being selfish or vain.

Now I allow myself to feel beautiful and good about myself
without having to be perfect.  I make being happy a priority
... I highly recommend you sign-up for her Mastery of Joy
Immersion Program, it really can change your life, I’m so
glad I did."

Mariann Steen


My gift to you, a powerful tool to:
Let Go Of The Old Stories
Be Free Of The Past

Make room for your dreams
Clear out the old clutter
100's of clients have claimed relief &
healing from relaxing to
this meditation, Let Go & Allow

Use one of the most powerful

tools available today for rapid,
long-lasting change, meditation

Relax into a better life!

"...This morning I listened to the
meditation... Powerful!!!!!

It took me everywhere.

Sacred thoughts about my
physical body.

Gentleness with how I choose
my thoughts. 

I felt uplifted after listening to it...

Very complete, it spoke deeply
to me.I felt fully engaged in
all you said

Joanne Sapers



Focus on the possibilities, follow your joy, tap into what you really want!

"... One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me ... was the process of changing my story to change my life...
She dared me to change ... dared me to say, ‘what if?’

The ‘what if’ ... turned in to a Master Degree ... a teaching job working with middle school students. I know my positive expectations and perspective rubs off on my students ...

Every corner of my life has been improved ..."

Cara Mosdale

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Feel more alive, release bad habits, enjoy life, have way more fun

"...I continue to feel a positive
shifting at my core... a release
from self-judgment: as a
consequence ... releasing ...
eating junk food, mind-lessly
watching TV,... procrastinating
on projects, ... putting things off
that were hanging over me.

I am doing things instead that
feel good
taking a sculpture
class that I am totally loving,
exploring my city, going on joyful
adventures with my son,taking a
mini-vacation with my husband...
I have more energy now doing
what really feels good.

I am experiencing more and more
joy in my life.
Lynda Modaff