Are you a positive soul who knows, in every fiber of your being you were meant for so much more?

If you know limited mind-sets, sabotaging beliefs,
& past stories are your worst enemies, join me
in using intuition & joy, as a strategy to create
new realities, jump start dreams, and have
way more fun. Say, YES, to your Dreams:

-  tap into your unstoppable life force &
   unlimited potential, know it's possible

-  don't settle, get what you crave, meaning,
   connection, go deeper

-  get inspired, feel alive: write that book,
   create a successful, business, raise your
   money ceiling, lose that extra weight,
   experience that beautiful relationship,
   improve your health, do more fun


Get support now, sign-up to the right for a free meditation
to leave behind the old stories, create new realities, & live
your dreams.

  -Sharon offers one-on-one Mastery of Joy Immersion Packages
  -Sessions by internet or phone. Office hours in Boise & Garden Valley, ID
  -Retreats in beautiful Garden Valley, ID, nestled in the forested mountains

Lose weight, love yourself, feel inspired

"I am down 5 pounds now in about a week.
And I have been
knocking off projects around the house that I have been putting
off for months
. Years even...I seem to have derived more benefit than
I might have expected from just one session..."

J. Ledbetter


Quit worrying, be happy!

"... Coming to Sharon for sessions and workshops
have made
my life lighter, healthier, and more peaceful.

I’ve released a constant cough,improved my hearing,
and released a variety of aches and pains.

I love myself more, and I let it be OK to make mistakes,
want things, and be human. I used to think I wasn’t suppose
to love myself or want things,that that was being selfish or vain.

Now I allow myself to feel beautiful and good about myself
without having to be perfect.  I make being happy a priority
... I highly recommend you sign-up for her Mastery of Joy
Immersion Program, it really can change your life, I’m so
glad I did."

Mariann Steen


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 Curious to find out more? Sign-up for a free session.
 No-Obligation Mind-set Clarity Session

    -  Intuitive Coaching to get clarity on a hidden block

    -  Receive an Energy infused healing meditation,
       move past the sabotaging belief

    -  Learn about Mastery of Joy Immersion Pkgs to
       accomplish your goals, move toward your dreams,
       have fun along the way


Free Energy Infused Meditation
Let Go Of The Old Stories
Be Free Of The Past
Focus on your dreams

Use one of the most powerful
tools available today for rapid,
long-lasting change, meditation

Relax into a better life!

Focus on the possibilities, follow your joy, tap into what you really want!

"... One of the most powerful tools Sharon gave me ... was the process of changing my story to change my life...
She dared me to change ... dared me to say, ‘what if?’

The ‘what if’ ... turned in to a Master Degree ... a teaching job working with middle school students. I know my positive expectations and perspective rubs off on my students ...

Every corner of my life has been improved ..."

Cara Mosdale

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Feel more alive, release bad habits, enjoy life, have way more fun

"...I continue to feel a positive
shifting at my core... a release
from self-judgment: as a
consequence ... releasing ...
eating junk food, mind-lessly
watching TV,... procrastinating
on projects, ... putting things off
that were hanging over me.

I am doing things instead that
feel good
taking a sculpture
class that I am totally loving,
exploring my city, going on joyful
adventures with my son,taking a
mini-vacation with my husband...
I have more energy now doing
what really feels good.

I am experiencing more and more
joy in my life.

Lynda Modaff
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